National Grid is at it again!

I’m angrier than an iPhone user whose phone was bricked while doing an iOS update over this next story.  Last month, I reported to you that National Grid, the area power company, couldn’t keep the lights on during a tiny storm.  Well, they’re at it again, folks.

There’s an even smaller storm happening right now, and once again the lights are out for numerous people.  This time, however, I am not affected, like I was last time.  But thousands have been affected.

Why can’t National Grid keep the power running, especially today?  They should have learned their lesson from last month, but they obviously didn’t take notes.

It’s 2024.  There’s no excuse for what’s happening right now.  I am grateful that my power has, thus far, stayed on, but I am enraged on behalf of the innocent people who are being forced back into the early 1900’s.

National Grid needs to get their act together.  But then again, we have no choice in the matter.  National Grid is the only option for delivery services.  So we have to bend over and take it up the tailpipe, just like usual.