Justice has been satisfied

I’m angrier than a Coca-Cola fan being forced to drink Pepsi about this next story.  I’m livid that a murderer wasn’t executed sooner than he was.

Yesterday, I ranted about one Michael DeWayne Smith, who was set to be executed after all of his clever attempts to appeal became hopeless and unavailing.  Well, his day of reckoning came a couple of hours ago.  Yep, he was executed just like the evil monster that he was.

Smith was executed by lethal injection at 10:20 a.m. local time in
Oklahoma.  I hope they made it slow and painful, just like he made his
victims’ deaths slow and painful.  Smith refused a last meal after
trying to tap dance out of accountability by claiming that he was high
on drugs to the point that he didn’t realize what he was doing.  Every
appeals court he slithered into saw through his lies and cleared the way
for his well-deserved demise.

He apologized to the victims’ families out of one side of his mouth while claiming that he didn’t do it.  Innocent people don’t apologize.

“I don´t even remember getting arrested,” Smith claimed at a clemency hearing.  Yeah, right.  And drugs are not an excuse.  Again, the trial and then the appeals courts saw him for what he was: a sniveling little coward who wasn’t man enough to accept accountability.  Well, accountability sure found him, didn’t it?

Even though I’m Catholic, I support the death penalty and I celebrate when a filthy, cowardly murderer is put down like a rabid dog.  Any decent human being would celebrate as well.

Smith’s scumbag attorney tried to claim that his little ghetto boy client was intellectually disabled.  Funny, that.  He was intellectually sound enough to murder two innocent people, so that excuse doesn’t pass the smell test.

Someone representing the families said, “justice has been served.”  Indeed.  Justice has indeed been satisfied.  I just hope that, even for a brief moment, he felt at least some of the pain that he caused others.

One less ghetto thug in the country is always a good thing.