Bless that judge!

I’m angrier than cockatiel with no mirror over this next story, folks.  It seems that one Jose “Chille” DeCastro, 49, a self-proclaimed “YouTuber” and first amendment advocate, was originally going to get probation for interjecting himself into a traffic stop that didn’t concern him.  But the judge, otherwise known as a Justice in Las Vegas, didn’t quite agree with the prosecutor’s recommendation on the obstruction of justice charge.

No probation for DeCastro.  Instead, he’ll be where he belongs: in jail for six months.  This, after he interfered with a traffic stop by trying to film it.  He was given a warning to back off, but he seems to have ignored his one and only chance to slither away like the snake that he is.

DeCastro’s attorney was apparently caught off guard.  He asked the Justice if the jail sentence was suspended.  Her reply was not what he wanted to hear.  “Oh, no, it’s going to start right now.”  And with that, DeCastro was led away in handcuffs.

DeCastro had himself a bench trial, which in Nevada means that a judge, or Justice, hands down a verdict as opposed to a jury.  I wonder if DeCastro’s attorney is kicking himself for not taking it to a jury-based trial.  What it all comes down to is that another piece of excrement is locked away for the good of all of society.

Indeed, public records indicate that DeCastro is now officially known as inmate #01669561.

The judge did the right thing and I love her no-nonsense attitude.  The jail sentence was not suspended and the judge took the prosecution’s suggestion and one-upped it and that is a good thing.