Here we go again!

 I’m angrier than a Windows user with a half an hour of updates pending over this next one, gentle reader.  You might recall that I lashed out at National Grid over a five-hour outage.  To be fair, some went two or three days with no power, and all because the power company for the region couldn’t act competently and keep the damned lights on.

According to the local newspaper, the Times Union, the weather is going to get to the point that there supposedly will be snow and wind that will, if true and once again, have the potential to knock out the power.  Again.  

The snow could get up to 14″ in some areas, much less in the Capital Region, where I live.  But it has the potential to be a storm that will once again knock out our power.  As of the time that I am writing this, the power’s on and all is well, but let’s see how the day progresses.

The storm has the potential to bring“damaging winds, rain, wintry mixed precipitation and snow,” according to a statement from the National Weather Service released earlier today.  They’re already trying to defend themselves against a major storm.

Yes, the ice and snow that is reportedly going to happen today is beyond National Grid’s control.  But the infrastructure is within their control.  They’ve already proven once that they’re not up to the challenge, but let’s see if they can redeem themselves if the worst should happen.