Why Is He Still Alive?

 I’m angrier than a one-legged man in a charity race over this next story.  I’m angry because the alleged aggressor is alive and well, which is more than can be said for his purported victims.  I speak specifically about a story out of Seattle.

The accused is a scumbag by the name of Chase Jones, 18.  He stands, or rather lies in the hospital, accused of slaughtering Eloise Wilcoxson, 12, Buster Brown, 12, and Matilda Wilcoxson, 13 and Andrea Hudson, 38.  As a result of his alleged crime, he faces four counts of vehicular homicide, two counts of vehicular assault and one count of reckless driving.  In other words, he’s being treated with kid gloves.

It is claimed that he slammed into his victims at a speed of 112 mph.  Jones was, I allege, faking his injuries so that he could get a free vacation in a hospital bed.  In footage taken from his court appearance from bed, he was clearly seen smirking, showing that he has full knowledge of what he is accused of doing and doesn’t care.  Innocent people don’t smirk.

Only worthless slime would defend Jones.  Yes, yes, he has a right to an attorney, but there’s nothing that forces an attorney to take a case.  No, Jones deserves an overworked, underpaid and stressed out public defender who will bungle the case and allow Jones to be convicted, as well he should be.

So what kind of scumbag would defend Jones?  Enter one Brad Barshis, who was heard to say that “this is an allegation…my client may have made a dumb mistake in
driving above the speed limit.” Although he is right in saying that at this point it is merely an accusation, his client was caught red-handed.  Does Barshis wish to claim that the boogey-man did it?  It appears so, at least to me.  

No, only a morally bankrupt person would ever defend what Jones allegedly (let’s face it, he did it; the prosecutors have proof) did.  It looks like Barshis is that morally bereft person who, while professionally accomplished, is a poor excuse for a human being.

So what kind of slime is Barshis?  He calls the obvious cold-blooded murder of several people a “dumb mistake.”  I have to wonder if he’d be singing that tune if it had been his family that Jones mercilessly slammed into.  Allegedly, of course.

Barshis, according to public records that are perfectly legal to expose, is actually Bradley G. Barshis, 35, of  the 600 block of Central Avenue South in Kent, Washington.  I can’t stop you from looking him up in public records, but if you do so, do not do anything illegal to him.  Do not harass him. He isn’t worth it.  It’s just important for his neighbors to know what scum lives around him.

Speaking of Barshis, he is, according to his law firm profile, well known for defending slime that stand accused of DUI.  So he really is a scumbag, because obviously drunk drivers deserve no representation whatsoever, except for a public defender who doesn’t have the time to mount a valid defense.  Then again, a drunk driver never has a valid defense.

I actually hope that another teenage motorist who’s speeding at twice the speed limit actually does plow into someone he cares about. He deserves to feel the pain that his client is accused of inflicting upon his victims’ families. 

Now, Let’s say the teen is drunk.  How will he feel then?  Will he defend the accused?  By representing Jones, I allege that Barshis is spitting in the face of each and every person in the Kent area.  And he is, to me, definitely spitting in the face of the families of his victims.

Rather than be a man, Jones entered a not-guilty plea as opposed to immediately taking responsibility for his actions and pleading guilty.  What slime.  What a coward.  He should own up to what he obviously did.  But, no.

The prosecutors have Jones’ number alright.  There’s no way his attorney can ethically claim that his client just made a “dumb mistake.”  No, driving at 112 mph is not a mistake.  Slaughtering innocent people as a direct result of that speed is likewise not a mistake.

It is my personal opinion that Jones had bloodlust that night and made the decision to murder someone with his vehicle. Well, he got what he wanted.  Let’s just hope that his lawyer fails to convince a jury that Jones is a tragic figure.

Hopefully, justice will play out here and let’s hope that the prosecutors aren’t stupid enough to offer a plea.  Justice must be satisfied here and the only way to do that is to make this a death penalty case at all costs.  A needle in his arm is what’s called for here.

As for how Barshis can sleep at night, I don’t know. Why Jones survived, I also don’t know.  Justice would be Jones dying a very slow and awfully painful death in his precious hospital bed.  Justice would be Barshis being disbarred and being to forced serving me my fries with that.