What the hell is a Botswana?

I’m angrier than a Catholic at a parish with no holy water over this next one, folks.  Problem is, I don’t know what a Botswana is.  You see, CBS News is reporting that Botswana, whatever that is, is threatening to send 20,000 elephants over to Germany to let them roam free.

So why would some no-name country, at least I think it’s a country, want to send twenty-large elephants?  Well, it has to do, apparently, with “trophy hunting.”

Germany is seeking to limit hunters’ attempts to bring trophy elephants from Africa into Germany.  Wow.  How dare they?  No government would want trophies being brought into their country.

At first, Botswana had the right idea; they banned trophy hunting in 2014, but due to a public outcry, the law was overturned in 2019.  Wrong move.

Apparently, Botswana plays host to over 130,000 elephants.  It seems as though they want to pawn their problems onto innocent countries and the Germans are fighting back.  Or, maybe Germany’s still angry over that whole “holocaust” thing.  No, I don’t think it really happened, but that’s for another post.

If Germany had a hand in the extermination of supposedly millions of Jews, then all they need to do is exterminate those elephants just like they wiped out a few Jews here and there in what was most definitely not a holocaust (look the definition up!).  Oh, there I go then.

There is no way Botswana, which isn’t even a real country, can send 20,000 elephants without Germany fighting back and they know this.  All this threatening is just posturing.