No, it is NOT serious!

I’m angrier than a blogger who’s having trouble coming up with “I’m angrier than…” openers over this next story.  It has to do with blood donations, according to WNYT, the local NBC affiliate here in craptacular Albany.

A trauma doctor at Albany Medical Center, a hospital that no one should want to go to, told the station that “the need for blood is serious.”  “Blood is so important to what we do here,” Dr. Kurt Edwards went on to say.

Problem is, it really isn’t that serious.  Now, I used to give blood whenever I had the opportunity, but I stopped when I realized that I don’t get anything out of the deal.  I understand that some who read this post may be inspired to donate blood because of what I’m writing here.  That’s disgusting to me, but I’m still writing it.

The American Red Cross is sounding the alarm, blasting out emails that I still get, begging for blood.  They’re literally out for blood.  I just sigh and delete when I should unsubscribe.  In fact, I got one just an hour or so ago.  It’s amusing how desperate people are for blood.

Don’t buy into the hype, gentle reader.  The need for blood is not actually that great.  Yes, they’re holding a blood drive somewhere here in Albany this week, and yes, I’m giving them free publicity, but all I’m trying to do is tell you that you need not consider it an emergency.  And even if there really is one, who cares?  Not my problem.

And it shouldn’t be yours.