If only it were true

I’m angrier than a cat that keeps falling out of the windowsill over this next story.  I’m angry because an employer tried to do the right thing but was fined and was forced to pay out money in regards to an open position posted on Indeed.

Arthur Grand Technologies found itself under fire for seeking “whites only” for that open position.  The company blamed a “disgruntled” employee in India.  I don’t care who posted it; it was absolutely the right thing to do.  They had to pay a $7,500 fine and they had to pay $31,000 to each person who filed a complaint about it.

I don’t think that what they did was wrong.  It would be rather nice to work in a place that is whites only.  Sadly, the government makes that illegal when it should be perfectly legal.

Whether or not the “whites only” requirement was genuine, it was a move in the right direction and it’s a shame to see the company forced to dole out money to the government and to snowflakes who complained about it all.  It’s all about money, money, money, greed, greed, greed with some people.

Arthur Grand should have stood tall and appealed the decision that forced them to pay out money.  Again, they did nothing wrong and they should absolutely not be punished.