Don’t mess with the Catholics!

I’m angrier than a horse with a 200-pound rider because people are trying to mess with the Catholic Church and that can’t stand!

What really enrages me here is that they want to extend the Dignity for All Students Act to affect private school.  That’s not so bad; right now it protects children from bullying, even though being being bullied makes you more able to handle real life.  But whatever.

The new bill would prevent certain types of “discrimination.”  For Catholic schools, that means that requiring students to wear uniforms that are based on what gender the student is.  The National State Catholic Conference had this to say:

“This could mean that requiring students to wear uniforms, use restrooms, and play on sports teams that correspond to their biological sex could be deemed ‘discrimination’ under state law. The legislative session is scheduled to end on June 6, and lawmakers may vote on this any time in the next few days.”

Obviously, this would absolutely ruin the Catholic school experience.  Of course boys and girls should wear different uniforms!  Of course they should go to the proper bathroom!  And of course there are sports meant for girls and sports meant for boys!  No true Catholic adult or child would have “gender identity” issues.  Only sexual deviants have those sorts of problems.  This should be enough to make any true Catholic sick!

The Conference offered a statement on their website.  They also posted this on their Facebook page:

“Our memo of OPPOSITION for S3180/A1829 which would force the state’s religious and independent schools to comply with the provisions of Chapter 482 of the Laws of 2009, despite the clear and explicit exclusion of such schools from the act when drafted and enacted by lawmakers some 16 years ago.”

If this passes into law, then it is the Catholic schools that will be discriminated against.  We have nothing to do but sit back and wait and see what side of history our lawmakers come down on.  If they make the wrong decision, Catholic voters will remember that when the next election comes around.