It’s not likely, but stay tuned

I’m angrier than a landline user who just found out that landlines are going away over this next story.  I’m angry because apparently there’s a way for the draft to be reinstated.  I read somewhere many years ago that there absolutely would never be a draft ever again.  After all, the draft ended with the Vietnam War in 1973.  There is no current draft, according to the

Even though there probably won’t be a draft, there is a procedure in place to re-enact it if need be.  And with all the conflict that could directly threaten our country, such as other countries such as North Korea, China and Russia, we as Americans need to be open to the possibility that they, or their sons, will be drafted.  If there’s any justice in the nation, women will be required to register and be drafted.  What makes them so special?  In you go, bitches!

Despite the fact that there will likely be no draft, each man is required, at age 18 and until age 25, to register with the Selective Service System. If they choose to not do so, there are still harsh consequences in store for them.  Just like every American man should, I registered with the SSS immediately upon my 18th birthday.

Now, in order for a draft to become a reality, both the president and Congress would need to authorize it.  Even with all the strife going on around the world, neither party has even brought up the idea.  But it could happen, and as The Infographics Show reported, you should be “terrified.”

If, by some twist of fate, both the president and Congress does authorize a draft, the SSS would have to be activated.  Then, there’d be a lottery, and not the good kind.  The SSS’ website has this to say:

“A publicly attended, nationally televised and live-streamed lottery is conducted.  The lottery, a random drawing of birthdays and numbers, establishes the order in which individuals receive orders to report for induction.  The first to receive induction orders are those whose 20th birthday falls during the year of the lottery.  If required, additional lotteries are conducted for those 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 19, and finally 18.5 years-old.”

So, a man could have just graduated high school and off to war he goes, just like in Vietnam and other wars before it.  Again, this is all hypothetical as our military has enough men and women on active duty that a draft is not necessary.  For now.

If a man is drafted, he will be ordered to report to a Military Entrance Processing Station, or MEPS for short.  It’s the same place that I, and all others who voluntarily joined the military, went and will go.  Then, local draft boards would be activated and those who are deemed eligible to serve would officially be inductees.

Kind of scary, isn’t it?  It’s especially so for the cowards and snowflakes that think they shouldn’t have to serve if drafted.  I have a lot of respect for those who join up of their own volition, regardless of whether or not they graduate Basic Combat Training, or “boot camp,” or “basic training.”  It doesn’t matter to me if someone washes out like I did due to medical reasons where I was unreasonably discharged, because, hey, we tried.

That’s more than I can say for the pansies who think they’re too good for the military.  I tend to have less respect for those who didn’t serve, because I went in perfectly willing to sign a blank check for my life.  I knew that I could pay the ultimate price and I, and many others like me, still joined up.

If you never served, even for just two or four years, I likely won’t have much respect for you.  Hell, in many countries, they still practice conscription, where they are mandated to serve for two years.  So Americans have no excuse not to stand up and do their part.

Anyway, when I joined up way back in 1999, I asked if there would ever be a draft again and I was told in no uncertain terms that no, no there would not be a draft ever again.  Well, the answer may change.

Admit it: it is kind of scary that the SSS has a procedure in place, whereas when I checked the site many years ago, the site advised that there would not be a a draft and there were no procedures listed then whereas there are now.  Do they know something we don’t?

The Infographics Show‘s video presentation makes a compelling case that we as Americans, especially our nation’s men, should be concerned.  That is, of course, if you’re a coward.  With World War III being almost certain, the draft may very well be reinstated this year or in 2025.  I am almost certain of that.  So man up, Americans.  It’s about to be your time to shine.

True men wouldn’t wait for the draft.  No, they would not wait for a draft and they would voluntarily enlist in the event of a national emergency.

We saw this immediately after 9/11.  Our country saw unprecedented numbers of men and women who wanted to join to defend their country and, perhaps, to get payback.  Those are true patriots, whereas cowards will do anything to avoid it.  In fact, 181,510 people joined to go into active duty immediately after 9/11.

Now, I would have gone voluntarily, but my medical discharge (I have a heart condition that I hid from the Army) is permanent.  There was no way for me to get my foot back in the door.  But at least I was willing to go, unlike most Americans I know.  Would you have joined up after 9/11?  You know, to defend our country’s honor?

With the possibility of World War III coming closer and closer with each and every passing day, we will need massive amounts of warm bodies, almost certainly more than our current military can provide.  That being the case, a draft is possible, especially with world events happening right this very instant.

If the draft is brought back to life, then things will change.  You’ll see cowards trying every trick in the book to get out of their obligation to their part.  The true measure of a man is whether or not he’ll serve the country that’s been so good to him, and, hopefully, her.