A bit of an ass

I’m angrier than a one-armed man whose ass wiping hand got blown off over this next one.  I’m angry because I never reached out to the scumbag that I’m about to discuss to tell him what a scumbag he is.

I speak specifically of one Morgan Spurlock, a filmmaker who was best known for his documentary Super Size Me.  The reason that I’m even picking this story up in the first place is because I chose his film to be my argumentative essay in one of the college courses that I’m taking.  I ended up with a grade of “A,” and it was perhaps the easiest assignment I’ve had to date.

Super Size Me featured Spurlock eating naught but McDonald’s food.  He showed footage of him experiencing physical and emotional problems, an effort designed to make people pity him.  I don’t even feel sorry for him.  No one who’s wise would ever eat fast food every day, especially not for a month.  But he did it!

I wish I could quote from my essay, but I no longer have it on my computer.  It exists online only in my Brightspace account, but since the semester is over, I do not have access to it and thus cannot quote my own work.  I never backed it up in the cloud, so that’s out.  But really, I don’t need to quote it directly.

In my essay, I made the argument that Suprlock’s project was manipulative, relying on exploiting peoples’ emotions and making people feel sorry for him.

Anyway, to the point of the story: he’s dead.  He died of cancer yesterday right here in upstate New York.

His work has been called into question by some, mostly because during his fast food stunt, he refused to share logs of his medical care.  To me, that shows a serious lack of credibility.

It Spurlock’s death a loss?  No, not really.  He was inconsequential.  But at least he can’t make anymore crappy documentaries, right?