Why would you even think that way?

I’m angrier than a smartphone who has no charger and whose battery is at 10% over this next story, because no man should be thinking about a child in the way that the suspect in this story clearly is.

In Brooklyn, a grown man appears to have groped a nine-year-old girl.  Fortunately, his face is out there for all to see, so hopefully someone will come forward and turn him in.  The troubling incident happened a couple of days ago.  Groping a woman without her consent is bad enough, but a grown man doing that to a freakin’ nine-year-old, innocent child?  That can’t stand!

The suspect allegedly molested the child by touching her vaginal area through her clothes.  What kind of man looks at a child and thinks sexual thoughts?  What kind of man touches a little girl in that way?  Or, in this case, any way?

I can’t speak for others, but as for me and my house, I don’t look at young children in a sexual sense.  It would never occur to me to ever touch a child’s private area.  What kind of a sicko does that?  I get it.  Some guys are into younger girls, but there’s a limit!  And this guy obviously crossed the line.  It’d be bad enough if she’d been, say, eighteen, but half that?  What the hell’s wrong with him?

Let’s hope that he is caught and when he’s put into Riker’s, let it slip to the other inmates what he did and let justice handle itself, because in jail, the inmates don’t tend to look kindly upon those who do things like that to a little girl.