This is not good

I’m angrier than a Sprite drinker with no more cans over this next story, because what’s about to happen is just plain wrong.  My frequent readers know that I’m not exactly the Jews’ fan club president, but even I have limits.  It seems that Iran has an evil plan: to execute a Jewish man, seemingly just because he’s a Jew.

The man could meet his demise as soon as tomorrow.  Apparently, this comes as a result of him stabbing another man who happened to be Muslim.  So now they’re going to execute him for merely defending himself.  Nothing else matters here; the law in Iran sees it as Jew vs. Muslim, and in their land, that won’t stand.

Obviously, his sentence was death, which in Iran is not up for appeal.  So it looks as if his fate is sealed.  I have to wonder if the Jew were a Muslim, would the sentence still be death?

I’m not a fan of the Jew, and I absolutely abhor them, but outside of a valid war, such as the one that is often referred to as “the Holocaust,” there is no justification for killing a Jew just because he or she is a Jew.

It’ll be interesting to see if this comes to pass, or if the Iranian government will commute his sentence to life without parole, as it should have been to begin with.

The clock is ticking.