Too fat to be sexually attractive

I’m angrier than an X user who just hit their follower limit for the day over this next story.  There’s an actress and comedienne by the name of Lori Beth Denberg, known for her roles in All That and The Steve Harvey Show.  She’s come out with some wild claims against Dan Schneider, the creator of numerous Nickelodeon shows such as All That, iCarly and Victorious, the latter two of which gave us Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice.

Well, Denberg is most certainly not a hottie.  I’m given to understand that she tips the scales at over one ton.  Anyway, she’s accused Schneider of showing her pornography and of engaging in phone sex with her against her will.

For his part, he’s emphatically denied her claims and despite all the claims against him in recent months, I have to side with him.  Denberg is too fat for any guy to want to do anything sexual with.  Sound mean?  The world is mean.  Get over it!

Schneider is the subject of a documentary series called Quiet on The Set: The Dark Side of Kids’ TV, where numerous former child actors made very serious accusations against him.  For his part, he has filed a lawsuit against the producers of the series.

As for Denberg, I think she has too high of an opinion of herself.  Any guy who would sleep with her might just die in his sleep if she rolls over.  She’s so fat that you have to roll her around in flour just to find her wet spot.  Oh, I’ve got a million of them!  But the point is I’d probably believe the claims if they’d been made by Cosgrove or Justice.  They’re slim and pretty enough to be credible here.


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