Isn’t that treason?

I’m angrier than an American who just found out that PFN Joe Biden is a traitor over this next story, dear reader.  You see, Biden, who seems to have an affinity for young children (and not in a non-creepy way!) just gave one billion dollars to Israel, shrinking away from his previous promise to stop doing so if they attacked Rafah.

The question here should be this: why are we giving even a penny to Israel, a country full of Jews, whose ancestors had a hand in murdering Jesus Christ?  Why are we rewarding them for making up the Holocaust?  Yes, yes, things really happened, but it was all a part of World War II and not a complete burning of the Jewish people.  And a Jew here and there may have died, but not six million of them.  But I digress!

Why are we giving comfort and aid to the country and their military?  Isn’t Biden therefore guilty of treason?  Israel is the world’s enemy and Biden just aided and comforted him.  The fact that it’ll take years for the weapons to actually make it to Israel is not relevant here.

What’s relevant is that we’re spending our tax dollars defending another country.  That simply cannot stand.  And yes, I do believe that we should stop aiding Ukraine and leave them to their own devices.  We’ve got to stop helping others and start helping ourselves.  There are far more important things to tend to here, like getting illegals out of our country.  Send them to Ukraine and let them fight in their war!  Then we’ll see how they regret coming to America!

As for Biden, voting for him in November is clearly a vote against our country.  A vote for Biden is an act of treason and anyone who votes for him should be deported.

Israel doesn’t deserve a damn thing except shunning.  The Jewish people must be held accountable for what happened to our Savior and they should also be held accountable for calling a war a holocaust.  Those few Jews, and I do mean few, who died were merely prisoners of war.  Lots of people have been POW, but none of them made up tall tales like the Jews have.

No, Biden is not our president anymore.  He’s down on his knees serving each and every man in Israel.

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