His own medicine

I’m angrier than a cow without his cud because I couldn’t witness this story in person.  You see, I always enjoy it when police officers get a taste of their own medicine.  So it was in New York City when a high-ranking NYPD officer managed to pepper spray himself as anti-Israel demonstrations went on.

First off, I always love to hear about protests where Israel is made out to be the bad guy, which it is.  As for this cop, the pictures are just hilarious.  Cops won’t think twice about using pepper spray, especially in situations that don’t warrant the use of the powerful, yet non-lethal weapon.  And pepper spray is a weapon!

I have to laugh.  He looks like he’s in pain and he looks absolutely miserable.  This brightens my evening!  Of course he wasn’t seriously injured.  Nothing about him was hurt, except, perhaps, for his pride.

This is yet another case of a cop getting what’s coming to him.  And I love it!