Music Video Pick of The Week: Auf und Auf Voll Lebenslust, Sofia Shkidchenko

I’m angrier than a hungry guy who just found out his favorite food establishment is out of carrot cake.  That’s because the young lady I’m about to discuss is not as famous in the United States as she should be.  I speak specifically of Sofia Shckidchenko, 18, a well-known yodeling artist in Europe.  She’s actually from Ukraine and yodels in English, Ukrainian and German.

She has plenty of good songs on her YouTube page.  She’s been at it for a long time now, but she became famous worldwide when she performed She Taught Me to Yodel on Ukraine Got Talent when she was just 13.  She’s all grown up now, performing mostly covers, but she also has more than  few original songs.
Today, though, I am looking at the music video for her cover of Auf und Auf Voll Lebenslust, which in English roughly translates to Up Full For Zest of Life, according to Google TranslateThe video was posted on YouTube a few years ago.  Here is the German version.
The video was filmed at various locations throughout Ukraine and is performed in German.  I won’t pretend to know what the hell she’s singing about, but it sounds and looks catchy.  I would, however, love to know what the song is about. Bright colors and beautiful locations make this an awesome music video.
There’s one scene where she’s standing on a rock in the middle of a small body of water.  It makes me wonder how they got her there without messing up her shoes and skirt.  The mysteries of music video production, I guess.
What’s really cool about this video is the transition of scenes.  She steps right up to the camera, extends her hand and pushes the camera into a new location and just like that we have a new scene.  She’s sharply dressed and happy, leading me to believe that this is a happy song.
My favorite part of the video hits at 1:58, where she climbs up a hill, stands there and through hand and facial gestures really sells whatever the heck she’s singing about.
This is an all-around perky, happy video and I love it.  There are a few things I’d change if I were the director, but overall, this video is nearly perfect.  Although I would love to know what she’s singing, I’m content with the happiness of the song and the excellent directing.
I highly recommend her other songs, too.