This is appalling!

I’m angrier than a Spectrum Wireless customer trying to get good reception over this story.  And I mean really, really angry.  If you’ve read my bio, or if you know me, you know that I am a certified American Sign Language interpreter.  I know ASL well and I have soft spot in my heart for the deaf and hard of hearing.

During a road rage incident, Ryan Hawkins, an innocent deaf person, was shot and killed in Indiana.  Two scumbags have been arrested in connection with the anger-inducing incident.  At least the cops in Indiana know how to do their jobs.

It happened on Wednesday and it appears that the victim may have honked at the alleged aggressors, Andre Briski, 24, and Shawna Rowland, age unknown.  Briski was arrested for murder and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.  Rowland was slapped with assisting a criminal and obstruction of justice charges.

When Hawkins got shot, he crashed his car and was ejected.  He never had a shot, no pun intended.  Whomever honked is unknown, but what is known is that Hawkins tried his best to flee.  Briski, allegedly, was having none of that and pursued him for the alleged purpose of ending Hawkins’ innocent life.

A student of the Indiana School for The Deaf, Hawkins did nothing to warrant the death penalty.  And what kind of coward attacks a deaf person?  That’s just low.  I hope they both are convicted and I hope they’re both eligible for the death penalty, which is fair given that they allegedly sentenced Hawkins to death.