He got what for!

I’m angrier than a Catholic with no access to holy water over this story, folks.  I am angry because what happened in this story didn’t happen to a member of the Albany New York Police Department.  But it’s still a good, heart-warming story, at least to me.

You see, it seems that there’s this police officer in Texas who really got what for!  He was killed when a tornado struck his home.  His injuries were too severe for him to survive.  It does my cold, black heart good when I read a story like this.I wish that it had happened here in Albany.  Why?  Read this.  Yes, I would celebrate if something would befall an APD cop or detective.  I’m not actively advocating for anyone to do anything to one, but I wouldn’t complain if Mother Nature intervened or something else happened.
As for this officer who died, what was he doing in his home anyway?  Wouldn’t he have been wise to get himself and his family to a, I don’t know, shelter?  What was going on in his pea brain anyway?
Good riddance to bad rubbish!