Quit your whining!

I’m angrier than a Democrat who realizes that his candidate can’t stay awake and can’t stop sniffing teenage girls’ hair over the fact that what I’m about to discuss is even an issue.  It seems that there’s a high school teacher who’s bitching and whining about supposed “anti-semitism” at Origins High School in Brooklyn.

Things are so bad, the teacher alleges, that there have been calls for Jews to be “exterminated.”  Full disclosure here: I don’t much care for the Jews.  They killed our Lord and Savior, after all.  Or, at the very least, they were complicit for capturing Him and turning Him over to the Romans.  The Jews killed Jesus just as much as the Romans did, and for that they deserve to be hated, but not killed.But exterminating them…again, at least according to them?  I don’t think that that’s called for.  But at the same time, I don’t feel sorry for them being, as they’d likely put it, “persecuted.”  They brought that upon themselves.

One thing that I’ve noticed about the Jews is that they play the victim quite well.  Even in a situation where they’re clearly not victims, they whine that they are.  And that’s probably why so many people hate them.  Well, that, and the fact that Israel threw the first punch against Iran and too many people still support Israel, and by extension, Jews.

There are some things that aren’t that bad.  For example, the teacher claims that Jews have been “kikes.”  That word is considered to be an ethnic slur against Jews.  But is it really?  The origin of that word was in Ellis Island, and likely has more to do with the Greek word meaning “circle” and less than being an ethnic slur.  Again, leave it to the Jews to play the victim.  It’s just a word, people.  Oi vei!
As for that word, “kikel” actually means “circle.”  It is how Jewish emigrants signed their names on paperwork at Ellis Island, because they were so stupid that they couldn’t sign their own names properly.  So, then, when someone calls someone else a kike, it’s in all actuality an insult against the target’s intellect rather than their ethnic origin.  But the Jews don’t want you to know that, gentle reader.  That would ruin the victimization fraud that they created.
See, the word is not an attack on Jews per se.  All it’s meant to do is mock the Jews who couldn’t do something so simple as to sign their names on paperwork.  How can that possibly be hate speech?
As I’ve mentioned, I don’t much care for the Jews.  I don’t believe that the “holocaust,” at least in the sense that we all learned about in high school, happened the way that history says that it did.  A holocaust means a complete and total burning.  That didn’t happen.  While a few Jews here and there did die, it was not because of an “extermination.”  It was about, you know, World War II.
After all, if Jews truly were being exterminated, then why did it take countries, especially Germany and the United States, take so long to intervene?  Again, it wasn’t an extermination.  It was war and it just so happened that a few Jews here and there were merely prisoners of war.  It was nothing personal.  It was just business.
Back in 2011, I wrote a book called Mythology and Guilt: Why The Jews Created the Holocaust.  As you can imagine, it caused so much controversy that the publication house that I used dropped the book.  But I managed to sell 4,117 copies before they did.  It made me some decent scratch…around $14,000 in royalties.
In that book, I calmly and logically laid out why the Jews would take it upon themselves to create something that didn’t happen.  I really should dig out the files and publish it with a company who actually believes in free speech.
The book came about because of the fact that, back in high school, I was forced to go to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.  All I saw was whine, whine, whine.  Victim, victim, victim.  It was a war, people!  Lots of people died and you don’t see people screaming, bitching and whining!
Anyway, I have no sympathy for all the constructive criticism that the Jews are getting.  The only thing I disagree with is the advocating for Jews’ deaths.  That, no matter what your feelings about them are, is over the line.  But people like the teacher in the article should just shut up and be grateful that they’re even in my America in the first place.  
If only we’d just turned them away, our nation would be a much nicer place than it is now.  Turning the Jews away truly would have made America great again!