No more TikTok?

I’m angrier than a democrat who is finally realizing that PFN Biden will not prevail in November.  I can barely type and I can’t drink this can of Strawberries and Cream Dr. Pepper.  That’s how mad I am.

I am on the major social media sites.  Twitter and Instagram, of course.  And TikTok, where I am @michael.crook.  But if things go sideways in the coming months, TikTok could very well be banned in the United States.  Of course, there will be ways around such a ban, but it’ll be a pain.

The ban is going to be quietly tucked into a bill that proposes pissing away our taxpayer dollars on Ukraine and Israel. We’re talking about $95 billion dollar matter, folks.  That’s hardly chump change.

One of the bills will allegedly kill TikTok off in the US unless the Chinese company that owns it divests the insanely popular app.  Congress is having a field day with this.  Critics are whining that TikTok is somehow a national security risk.  Apparently, a TikTok ban is almost certain and if it happens, it’ll be a massive disregarding of our first amendment rights.  We can’t let TikTok go away.

If TikTok goes away, there goes a harmless and addictive source of entertainment and free speech.  Our government doesn’t care.  And that’s the sad part.  As for me, I love TikTok.  I can spend hours on there if I let myself do so.  I do love the series that features a talking cat named Penny.

In the end, I don’t think TikTok will actually be banned.  Our lawmakers will have a change of heart.  But it’s still concerning.