It’s not our problem!

I’m angrier than a rancher whose cattle escaped to go to the monster truck derby over this next one, folks.  It really has my Dutch-British blood boiling.  And before I continue, I’ll just point out that this is not a political news story, at least for me.  I am not interested in the political side of things.  Hell, I’m not even registered to vote.  Never have voted.  But I digress.

The USA has a long history of poking its nose into things that don’t concern it.  We become involved in other countries’ wars and we immediately jump in to rescue people in cases that don’t concern us.  That’s why we, and for that matter Germany, stood idle while that whole Holocaust thing happened (the dictionary makes it clear that whatever happened didn’t qualify as a literal holocaust). We do have a history of minding our own business, but we are best known for getting involved in things that don’t concern us.

That brings us to the story at hand.  It seems as though we’re butting in when we shouldn’t be.  You see, we’re using our military, meant to defend our country and our country alone, to position ourselves in the Middle East in order to scare Iran away from an attack Israel, in retaliation for an attack Israel is suspecting launching an attack on Iranian soil on April 1.  

Some media is quoting government officials as saying that such an attack is “imminent,” while others are reporting that a threat is “viable.”  Either way, it’s not good news for Israel.  But it’s their cross to bear, not ours.

We’ve already moved some of our troops into harm’s way, and now news reports are screaming that we’re about to send even more of our fine soldiers into an uncertain situation, and for no good reason whatsoever.  Just like we got involved in Operation Desert Storm.  It shouldn’t have happened.  We should not have liberated Kuwait.

I don’t doubt that Iran is indeed preparing to kick the crap out of Israel, but here’s the funny thing about that: it’s not our problem.  It wouldn’t change anything if Iran bombed the hell out of Israel, leaving it destitute and forever ruined.  Well, it wouldn’t change anything for us, anyway.

It seems that Iran is irate with Israel for an attack that the latter country instigated and Iran is further upset because Israel hasn’t stepped up and confessed that they did it.  So, things are going to get worse before they get better, but it shouldn’t be our problem.  Now, our tax dollars and the safety of our military members are all in jeopardy.

Apparently, the plan is to intercept missiles that aren’t meant for us.  That’s like someone jumping in front of a person who’s about to take a bullet that wasn’t meant for that person.  That’s exactly what we’re doing here!  Let Israel suffer the consequences of their actions.  We need to just take several steps back and enjoy the show.

Why should we help Israel anyway?  What have they done for us?  Nothing.  So why should we put the best military in the world in danger just to defend a country that wouldn’t do a thing for us if we found ourselves in a similar situation?

While our embassy in Israel hasn’t gone so far as to evacuate its personnel and their families, they have issued an advisory, nay, a command to stay in the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem areas. That’s a warning sign.  An even bigger flag will come when the government finally orders all of its people out.  Quite frankly, I don’t know why they didn’t do that.  That will likely come back to bite them on their big toe.

There’s nothing to do but sit back and watch.  The decisions have been made and whether it’s accurate to say or not, things are indeed imminent and we should bow out gracefully, because Israel is not a NATO nation, so invoking Article Five doesn’t apply here.  

If Iran attacks Israel and if Israel were to be a NATO nation, we’d be invoking that article as an attack on one is an attack on all and would be required to get involved, but neither countries belong to NATO, which further supports my argument that getting involved would be foolish.

Besides, would anyone really care if Iran wiped Israel off the map?