Roll over!

I’m angrier than an ambulance driver whose siren isn’t working over this next story.  That’s because stupid teenage drivers enrage me.  This is, in my opinion, a story of an irresponsible, arrogant teen driver who reportedly took the life of an innocent person who was a passenger in his car in New Haven, Connecticut.  This story should be enough to make anyone sick!

The seventeen-year-old driver reportedly took life from one Isabela Jane Osler, also seventeen. In addition to media reports, an anonymous source freely provided via Facebook Messengervaluable information despite not knowing me from a hole in the wall.

The driver is reported in the media to be one Lucian Marshock, who apparently swerved into the wrong lane, ultimately plowing into a truck that was towing a flatbed trailer.  And it all could have been avoided.

Osler died when she was ejected due to what are, according to my source, allegedly bad seat belts.  Osler never had a chance, especially since he was reportedly driving at 86 mph.  Add to that worthless seat belts, and you have a recipe for disaster, if the information is true.

As it stands right now, Marshock, who is reportedly a football jock, is said to be in a coma due to serious brain damage.  But then again, someone who drives at that speed and operates what I am told was an unsafe vehicle doesn’t have much in the way of brains, does he?  I certainly don’t think so.

One Ashley Mulligan has set up a Go Fund Me profile, ostensibly to help with the expenses of burying this beautiful young lady. As of the time I wrote this, $25,420 has been raised out of a goal of $10,000.  Clearly, many people cared about her and her family.  

Too bad the driver didn’t care about her.  He allegedly knew that the seat belts in the car didn’t work.  If true, then that is the reason why she was thrown out of the vehicle.  Marshock had to have known, in my opinion, and I think it’s sad that he survived.

All that matters is that Osler is dead.  Her friends and family are now in mourning and all because of a driver who obviously didn’t care about his safety and that of hers.  She leaves behind her parents and a younger sister.  Who got the grim task of explaining why her sister isn’t coming home?

Hopefully, Marshock faces traffic and criminal charges.  Hopefully, his family will be sued for whatever they’ve got.  It’s my opinion that he’s a monster and I have to wonder what his parents are like for allowing him to drive a vehicle that was, according to my source, unsafe.  

I wonder if they’re decent people who didn’t know how serious the problem was or if they’re monsters who didn’t care.  The problem, my source wrote, was allegedly with the seat belts.

If Marshock has a conscience, he will feel awful right about now, but I feel that, in my opinion, he’s likely laughing about it all.  I mean, just look at his Facebook profile.  In my opinion, he looks like a mental case.

He, based on what my source told me, allegedly knew his car had safety issues, yet he allowed an innocent young woman to ride in it anyway. If true, then that makes him a scumbag, in my opinion.

And hopefully, people will learn a valuable lesson here: be very careful of what car you get into.  That ride may very well be your last.  I’m not victim-blaming here, but I am saying if you have uncomfortable feelings, do not get in that car.

UPDATE April 17, 2024 at 11:05 a.m.

I got a threatening comment on my blog from an anonymous coward.  The comment threatened me with what I consider to be bodily harm if I don’t take this post down.  The reasoning is that Marshock is a minor.

This is a news story that numerous media outlets reported on.  Marshock has already been named in the media.  As for my source, she willingly provided information to me over Facebook Messenger even though she didn’t know who I was.  I didn’t coerce her at all.

It should be noted that I have not posted private information here.  No phone numbers.  No addresses.  I have not threatened anyone with any kind of harm.  This story stays online.

Another anonymous caller threatened to “get the police involved.”  Well, I’ve done nothing illegal here.  The police can’t do anything about it but call me and ask me nicely to take it down.  I won’t be intimidated.

No, again, I will not be threatened or intimidated into taking this post down.  Maybe next time, people will be careful who they converse with on Facebook.