No sympathy is due here

I’m angrier than a bunny without a carrot over this one, folks.  The death penalty is something that always gets me worked up because I support it, and whenever an execution is coming, tons of people slither onto X to plead for mercy, no matter how harsh the person’s crime.

Having exhausted all appeals, Brian Dorsey is set to be put to death via lethal injection in a matter of hours.  No one granted him any form of mercy.  Not the governor.

Not the state Supreme Court and no, not even the United States
Supreme Court, which denied his petition at around 1:00 p.m., despite
the disgusting efforts of his scumbag attorneys. That should tell you
something, right?  Despite his cowardly way of trying to tap dance out
of accountability, his execution will move forward as planned at 7:00
p.m Missouri time.  The execution will take place in the state prison.

Dorsey stands convicted of slaughtering his cousin and her husband back in 2006.  In other words, his date with the execution chamber is long, long overdue.

For some insane reason, Dorsey has supporters, all of whom are begging for his sentenced to be reduced to life in prison as opposed to the death penalty.  Well, let ’em cry, because any court that could have shown him mercy has refused to do so, probably because of the lack of mercy that he showed his three victims.

He murdered two of those three and he sentenced the victims’ daughter to life without parole in the form of going through the rest of her life without her parents.  No one should be defending him at all.  I have to wonder if his defenders would feel the same way had he ruthlessly murdered their loved ones.

Yes, I am Catholic, and despite the efforts of numerous Catholic leaders and organizations, I still support the death penalty.  Many Catholics know what he did but they defend them anyway.  How sad.  How disgusting.  And yes, I would say all of this to my priest or bishop.  In person with no screen between us.

I hate to butt heads with my fellow Catholics, but I must.  On its X page, the Catholic Mobilizing Network posted:

“The death penalty disregards the sanctity of human life. This is not justice.”  So, murdering his victims is “sanctity” of life?  It’s justice?  That’s disgusting!

I have reached out to them for a comment.  As a fellow Catholic, I support their right to feel the way that they do.  But I have my rights as well, and although I’m going against my faith on this matter, I will sleep well at night knowing that I supported his sentence being carried out.  I know that some Catholics will be so incensed that they’ll try to find out what parish I attend and rat me out to my priest, so come on and bring it.

His pathetic attorneys pulled any cowardly trick they could think of.  They tried to argue that he had ineffective counsel that was paid a flat fee of around $12,000, making for an hourly fee of $3 and change. I don’t care.  He had representation and that’s all that matters.  It’s convenient that they’re bringing this up as part of a last-ditch effort to save the life of someone who took lives. 

Somehow, Dorsey conned 70 ill-mannered corrections officers into begging for mercy at every stop along the way.  One officer wrote:

I and so many of my fellow correctional staff are losing a humble, hardworking person we cared about today, and the Potosi community is worse off for it.” 

So the community is worse off with a murderer permanently wiped off the map?  I wonder if the community cares at all about his victims.  Some people have claimed that Dorsey is rehabilitated, but a murderer can never be that.  That’s why they gave him the death penalty. 

When the US Supreme Court rendered his doom, his attorneys and supporters released a pathetic and victim-ignoring statement.  I’m not going to discuss it, but I will link you to it.

Dorsey does have his supporters and even into today, they have tried to deliver petitions to anyone they can think of. It will be hopeless and unavailing.  Too bad his victims didn’t get the chance to sign petitions asking that the man who mercilessly slaughtered them be prosecuted. 

Dorsey should no sympathy for his victims, so why should sympathy be shown to him?  He deserves no sympathy and he sure as hell doesn’t deserve mercy.  So, bring on the needle!

The death penalty is fair and equitable: you take live(s) and you forfeit your own.  It’s really just that simple.  Those that jump to the defense of a murderer are condoning his actions and they are spitting in the faces of his victim’s or victims’ family members.  There’s just no other way to put it, folks.

Yes, in a few short hours, Dorsey will be dead, again, despite 70 jail personnel coming to his defense, citing the fact that he was a model prisoner and was fully rehabilitated.  So?  He should be rewarded for doing what he should have done in the first place?   I wonder how rehabilitated his victims are.  Maybe we should spit in the faces of his victims’ families, right? Because that’s what his supporters are doing.  Maybe we should just let Dorsey out to walk the streets, right?

No, Dorsey needs to be put down like the dirty dog he is.

I can’t wait to see the news in my Twitter feed that he was put down.  Right now, I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving of the needle than Dorsey.  And to all who supported him: may you burn in hell right along with him.