Look at all those idiots!

I’m angrier than a dog without someone letting him out to poop.  The subjects of this post have their own theme song.  Look at All Those Idiots.  I speak specifically of the people who got sucked into the whole eclipse nonsense.

Apart from being idiotic enough to care about the eclipse, most people were intelligent and purchased special glasses that allowed them to gawk at the sun like the boobs they are.  But of course not everyone is intelligent enough to protect their eyes.

The media is reporting that people were actually stupid enough to look up without proper eye protection.  Well, they deserve what many of them got: pain in their eyes.  Google queries for “my eyes hurt” or “eclipse eyes hurt” jumped up almost immediately after the eclipse was over.

Even the BBC got in on the act, advising people, “what to do if your eyes hurt afterwards.”

The good news for the dumbasses is that medical professionals are saying that the pain and discomfort is only temporary.  People should instead worry about the damage that doesn’t cause pain.  The BBC reported thusly:

“Solar retinopathy is a vision impairment that can happen after looking
at the [sun] for too long, sometimes only for a matter of seconds.”

“The condition occurs when there is damage to the retina,” the BBC further reported.

What’s bad news for the ignorant fools that looked directly at the sun is that the retina has no pain nerves.  What people apparently want to look out for, assuming they can stop dragging their knuckles long enough to check themselves for possible symptoms of damage, perhaps even permanent damage.

Those people need to worry if they have blurred vision or blind spots.  Looking at the sun could bring horrific consequences.  The human eye can only tolerate so much and the sun crosses the line into being dangerous as hell.

If sufferers are experiencing symptoms, the damage might not be permanent, but it will take some time for the eyes to heal themselves.

In short, if you were one of the idiots who looked up at the sun yesterday without proper protection, you might have have royally screwed yourself over.

As for me, I was inside not paying the eclipse any mind.  As it turns out, I missed nothing, because local media outlets reported the eclipse didn’t impact the Albany area as much as “experts” thought it would.  I’ll bet all those people waiting for nothing feel like retards now, don’t they?  

I sure hope so!