They brought it upon themselves!

I’m angrier than a monkey without a banana over this next story right here.  Oh, I’m irate.  Livid.  You get the idea.  I’m talking about the movie And The Band Played On. I’m angry because it’s a movie about supposed victims.  I refuse to link to it, but YOU can find it in a TUBE somewhere, if you look hard enough.

The 1993 movie discusses the beginning of the so-called AIDS “crisis” starting in 1981, back when it was called “gay cancer.”  The appallingly disgusting movie portrays people who got the disease as the victims, which they weren’t.  HIV and AIDS had and has no victims, except for the poor sons of bitches that caught it in the 1980’s because the blood banks didn’t test for it at the time.  Many of those innocent people died and those deaths are laid at the doorstep of the gay “community.”

However, many, many guilty people died.  I’m talking about the gay guys who went to bath houses in San Francisco.  I’m talking about the gays who had buttsex.  These are the people who brought it upon themselves.  I have no sympathy for any of them.

Back in 1981, there were important things going on than tending to rewarding homosexuals for their appallingly offensive behavior.  Yet they thought they were the most important thing in the world.  Not so!

The movie starts out when there was no blood test, no medication, no nothing.

Of course, things have gone the other way in recent years.  Now there’s medication that will reduce the chances of becoming infected and there are drugs that can bring the HIV/AIDS viruses to what is called an “undetectable” level.  Supposedly, there are some medications that can make it so an infection wouldn’t show up on a blood test.

But there’s one thing that they forget when they extol the virtues of the medication!

Even if I bought the line that it’s undetectable (and I don’t!), the person is still infected.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  The disease is still there, ravishing the person’s body and infecting others that the person doesn’t care about infecting.  Gays think that if their sex partner is at an “undetectable” level, sex with the infected person is safe.  Not so!

It’s so easy to catch an STI, HIV or AIDS these days, isn’t it?  All a guy has to do is use the gay app Grindr and hook up with anonymous men in the area.  These anonymous men are probably infected and dying and they probably all swear that they’re clean, but they’re out there infecting naive homosexuals.  I don’t pretend to know the first thing about Grindr.  

All I know is that it’s a breeding ground for HIV and AIDS.  Even if I were gay, I’d definitely never use an app like that unless I had a death wish, which I don’t.  I suppose I should have downloaded it to my iPhone so I could have a better idea of what I’m talking about, but I’m afraid my phone would catch HIV.

Back to the movie.  I was bored and watched bits and pieces of it, but never from beginning to end.  The movie makes tragic figures out of those infected with a disease that was pretty much unknown back in the time that the movie is set.  

But the fact of the matter is that, with the blood transfusion victims as the exception, those men brought it upon themselves and they actually got what they deserved.  Homosexuality is repulsive and is a mortal sin, so when you engage in that behavior, you get what you ask for!

There was one scene in the movie where infected gay men were at a town hall meeting or whatever and yelled at the disease control people and local lawmakers.  They were up in arms, excepting other people to clean up their mess.  They were demanding action that they didn’t have the right to demand.  They were the ones who engaged in that filthy behavior, so what the movie should have shown is those fairies being made to figure it out for themselves.

Those guys were pretty much like a person who burns himself through carelessness and expects others to cure him.  It’s sickening.

There was a poster in the movie in a kids’ hospital wing that said that they have AIDS and they wanted hugs.  “I can’t make you sick,” the poster claims.  Not so!

What they don’t want us to know is that HIV and the full-blown AIDS viruses ARE able to be transmitted through kissing, hugging and shaking hands just to name a few things.  One time, I was introduced to an activist through a high school project that I was forced into back in 1996.   

It was well known that said activist had AIDS.  He extended his hand as if he expected me to shake it.  Gentle reader, I turned and literally ran the other way.  No way am I dying of AIDS just because of a handshake.

When I managed what was then an Eckerd’s drug store in Atlantic City, the pharmacy manager told me he was expecting an emergency shipment of a drug.  I knew that drug from my school days to be an AIDS-related drug.  When I asked him what the big fuss was about, he asked, “didn’t you know that Atlantic City is an AIDS hotspot?”

Ever since that day, whenever waiting on customers, I’d wear medical gloves at the register.  No way am I dying from serving an infected customer.  Not going to happen.

I could go on and on, but the general idea here is that the movie should never have been made.  It presents people who engaged in gross and unsafe sex practices as victims when they absolutely are not victims.  Not by a long shot!

No, the movie shouldn’t be respected.  It should never have been made unless it told the truth: the sexually deviant men who caught this disease got what they deserved and that enrages AIDS activists, because they don’t want you to know that AIDS doesn’t make victims, it holds deviants accountable. 

Singer Sir Elton John, real name Reginald Kenneth Dwight, sang a little ditty called The Last Song, which tells the AIDS story from the angle of an infected person whose father deserted him in his time of need, only to come back at the last minute to reconcile with his son before said son dies of buttsex.

The song is long, slow and pathetic.  It really paints a sad picture, but the reality is that the song creates a victim out of a sexually irresponsible guy who absolutely brought it upon himself.

And then there’s the money!  It might sound harsh, but, you know, it is all about the money!  I’m tired of AIDS activists demanding money for research and for coming up with ways to completely eradicate the disease.  Let the people who brought it upon themselves by virtue of their sexual behavior come up with the money.  Taxpayer dollars should not go to to rewarding AIDS-infested people for their sinful behavior.

In order to be fair, I have reached out to an AIDS activism organization here in Albany.  I have invited them to read this post and then comment on it.  If they do so, I will update this article with their comment, which will likely call me a bigot and hateful when all I’m doing is bringing the truth into the light.  That’s all I’m doing here.

I oft see people crying about the disease and how serious it still is.  They whine and cry.  They want sympathy and they want action.  But they won’t get it.  Not to the level that they’d like.

And that makes me laugh!