Just accept it!

I’m angrier than a White elementary school student being forced to give a Valentine’s Day card to a black student about this next story.  I’m angry about it even being reported.  It seems that something racial went down in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Basketball athletes from the University of Utah allege that several people revved their engines and yelled out, “nigger!”  Rather than sucking it up, they whined and cried and played the victim.  That’s what’s disgusting about this.  This is America and in my America we have a little thing I like to call free speech.

We should be free to use so-called racial “slurs.”  After all, they’re just words.  If you want to call somebody a nigger, a cracker, a gook, an injun, or what have you, you should have the absolute right to say it without people whining and getting the cops involved.  UoU students are little snowflakes, it seems.  They can’t take a little constructive criticism.

The coach called it a “hate crime,” but that’s not true.  Words are not hate crimes.  Spray painting a swastika on a Jewish temple, or hanging a black effigy on a tree outside of the NAACP might be, even though they shouldn’t be.

Look, I have no problem when a black person is called a “nigger.”  I certainly wouldn’t get involved and I absolutely would not jump to the defense of a black person.  They should just accept it and be grateful that they’re even here in the first place.  If we hadn’t plucked a bunch of them off of trees in Africa, we wouldn’t have all the problems that black people cause.

These whiny athletes need to learn real fast that the real world has racial opinions and they need to stop being snowflakes.  Just accept it.