iPhone Scumbaggery

 I’m angrier than a leprechaun with a crooked shillelagh over this next story, because it involves me personally.  After using Android phones for many years, I switched over to Apple’s iPhone back in 2013.  I have found the iPhone to meet my needs as far as functionality goes.

The iPhone is a fine phone even though it puts out security updates as a result of Apple’s own incompetence.  But a change they recently made in their latest iOS software has really enraged me.

Indeed, it affects millions of iPhone users all around the world.  You see, they added a new feature called Journal, which, Apple claims, is “a new app to reflect on everyday moments.”  That’s all well and good, folks, but what Apple did is anything but.

It seems that Apple thought it was a good idea to enable by default that makes one discoverable by others.  Thanks to Bluetooth, users’ information, including contacts, is there for anyone and everyone to take.  This feature is so foul and obscene that it shouldn’t exist at all.  But there your information is, for all to see and take.

If you don’t like that idea, then it is on you to go and turn off the feature, as opposed to needing to enable it should you want to.  Nope.  Apple wants to play games with your privacy and data.  You’ll need to go to Privacy & Security and then Journaling Suggestions.  There, you can disable the intrusive feature.

And yes, I am switching back to Android.