There’s Only Two, Folks!

 I’m angrier than an Arab with a three-legged camel over this next topic.  I mean…legitimately lit.  You see, folks, anyone with an ounce of common sense, decency and a moral compass knows that there are only two, count ’em, two, genders: male and female.  That’s it.

It’s bad enough when you have these freaks of nature prancing around.  You know the sort.  A guy who wants to be a girl and vice versa.  All the wishing and surgeries in the world will not change that.  But what makes me mad is that people are now being canceled for “misgendering” someone, meaning that someone won’t recognize a tranny under the gender that that freak wishes.

Things have gotten so bad that famed author and Harry Potter empire creator J.K. Rowling, real name Joanne Rowling, might find herself under arrest and in prison for apparently and allegedly misgendering trannies.  This because today, a new and insane “hate crime” law went into effect in Scotland. She, and anyone else who runs afoul of the new law can apparently find themselves in prison for seven unlucky years.  How disgusting!

What about the rights of us decent people?  We don’t change our genders and we live life like God intended us to.  Trannies know nothing of being decent and appropriate.  This is why so many people, such as myself, hate them so much.

I see it pop into my TikTok feed: men who turned themselves into girls.  They think that they’re pretty.  Nope.  They think that they should be accepted in society.  Again, nope.  Society should shun them, but no, the society of today is supposed to welcome them with open arms.  That simply should not be.

As a Catholic, I find trannies immoral, indecent and inappropriate.  One’s gender is determined by God and biology and ought not be trifled with.  Yet, every day, another tranny pops up and there ought to be a law that makes transgenderism illegal.  But there won’t be.

As Christians we cannot, should not and absolutely must not tolerate such filth. In my former Mormon congregation, a youth decided that he wanted to be a she.  Never mind the fact that no amount of surgery can make that happen.  Well, I was never so proud of our youth as I was when I found out that they were bullying that kid and were intimidating him into not coming to church.  Thankfully, he got the clue and neither he nor his mother have been seen since.  That is as it should be.

As a Catholic (and yes, we are Christians!), I do not tolerate those sorts of people.  I shun them and I would gladly stand idle if I witnessed a tranny being beaten or whatever.  I wouldn’t even call 911 and I wouldn’t give a statement to the police. I wouldn’t testify against the attacker(s) and if I were in a position to do so, I would help fund their defense.

I’m not dumb; I know that words, no matter how true they may be, carry consequences.

I’ll bet that within days of posting this, I’ll be canceled.  I’ll be accused of committing a hate crime, someone will dox me and someone will contact business associates, employers, landlords and whatever else in an attempt to ruin my life, all over me writing something that needs to be read.  Well, bring it.  These colors don’t run.

On the Rowling matter, the BBC reported:

“Stirring up hatred based on race, sexual orientation and religion was
already illegal in Great Britain under the Public Order Act 1986, but
that will also now fall under the new act in Scotland.”

That’s insane.  Whatever happened to free speech?  Whatever happened to standing up for basic morals and public decency?  Gone out the window, that’s what happened.  Society is made up of snowflakes who can’t stand up to criticism and can’t tolerate being told that they’re wrong.  Every tranny needs to be punished in some way or another.  They deserve to be fired and shunned.  It’s just as simple as that, folks.

Although I can never condone or suggest violence, due to snowflakey terms of service, I can say that I shed no tears when I come across a news story where someone tried to do the right thing and make an example out of a tranny.

But wait, folks, it gets worse than all of that.  Now these trannies have their own day, thanks to President Biden enacting a law that states that every March 31, a Day of Visibility will be observed.  What made it ironic and disgusting yesterday is the fact that Biden spit in the faces of all Catholics and other true Christians by making it happen on Easter Sunday, a day that belongs to Christians.  A day where Christianity, morals and decency should be the rule.  Biden made it the exception.

The day is meant to spread awareness about transgenders and other immoral and disgusting people.  This should never happen.  It used to be that polite society would shun trannies, but that’s going away because apparently it’s a “hate crime” to speak the truth about those freaks of nature.

The perverted and Satanic GLAAD had this to say:

Each year on
March 31, the world observes Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) to
raise awareness about transgender people. It is a day to celebrate the
lives and contributions of trans people, while also drawing attention to
the poverty, discrimination, and violence the community faces.”

Transgenders should not be celebrated, nor should they be rewarded or given attention.  And yes, I realize the irony here, because here I am giving those oxygen thieves free publicity.  They deserve poverty, discrimination and violence, although I cannot condone or suggest the latter.  But it’s not illegal for me to celebrate when I read a news article where bad things happen to transgenders.

One group says that transgenders are more likely to be assaulted than others. Good.  I shed no tears over that.  Someone else says that transgenders are, on a basis of one in two, likely to be sexually assaulted.  Guess what?  I celebrate that.  

When you behave a certain way, you’re asking to be sexually assaulted.  Women who dress immodestly are signing their own warrant, for example.  A transgender “person” is inviting it by their very nature.  Maybe if it happens to enough of them, people will wake up and realize that they’re sinners and that they’re disgusting as well.

There are many news stories that report on “victims” of assault who are really not victims at all.  Society is the victim, not them.  Last year, for example. a tranny was supposedly assaulted at a rail station in Minneapolis.  It had a brain bleed, a fractured rib and a collapsed lung.  Good.  Maybe it got the message.  But if you’re thinking of attacking a tranny, just don’t.  It’s not worth the consequences.  Instead of a hero’s welcome, you’ll get nothing but grief, so don’t do it, no matter how much you may want to.

Also last year, a group of men allegedly assaulted a lesbian (also immoral and disgusting) and tranny in Miami.  So far this year, no such assaults have wound up in the media, but we know that it’s happening and that does my heart good.

I’ll close this post by repeating what I’ve already written: there are only two genders and nothing will ever change that.  If you can’t deal with my opinions, you’re more than welcome to stop reading this blog and go to hell, which is where you’ll find transgenders and, hopefully, anyone who supports them or condones their perverse lifestyles.