Too Little, Too Late

 I’m angrier than a sports fan who can’t pull in the local television station over this next story.  File it under “too little, too late.”  My gentle readers may recall that on last Saturday, thousands and thousands of residents across several counties lost their power for anywhere from four hours to several days.  It affected me too, but I was lucky enough to be among the first people to get their power restored.

In a post about that drama, I made it clear that National Grid had no excuse.  Now, it emerges that they’re trying to minimize what they did.  How, you may ask?  Well, just a few minutes ago, National Grid sent out an emailed statement.  It popped into my inbox and I thought I’d share their little statement, which is copyrighted by National Grid.

behalf of all of us at National Grid, thank you for your patience and
understanding after the destructive ice and snow storm that impacted
eastern New York this past weekend.
We understand the inconvenience, frustration and worry of being without
power for an extended time and want to thank you for supporting our
crews as they worked around the clock to restore your service.
field force from across New York was pre-positioned in advance of the
storm and together with crews from across the northeast and Canada, we
restored power to more than 217,000 customers affected by the storm.
a storm local municipal governments, police, fire and public works
departments and volunteers are essential partners and we extend our
thanks for their unwavering dedication to serve our customers and

There you have it.  National Grid, hat in hand, is trying to make it seem as if the power outage was no big deal.  No apology. No offer of an account credit.  All this is is them trying to make themselves look good, even though they failed in their obligation to supply us with reliable power.  It’s enough to make anyone sick!