Oh, come on!

I am angrier than a cat with no paws trying to catch a mouse over this next story.  My gentle readers know that I do not believe in ghosts, aliens or UFO’s.  It makes me irate when I realize that there people in this world who are stupid enough to believe in such things.

So, then, you can understand that I am enraged after reading this article wherein an object is referred to as a UFO, and people assume that it’s an alien spacecraft just because it doesn’t move in a manner that they seem to expect.

It seems that a purported UFO was flying over a power plant somewhere in India recently.  Of course someone was conveniently there to capture the drama on camera and everyone seems to be excited that they’re looking at a UFO, as if such a thing really exists.

There’s really not much to say here.  Of course, any rational, reasonable person knows that there is no life on other planets.  Therefore, the object that caused a fuss here is obviously man-made.  It’s probably just an aircraft from another nation.  In other words, there’s no reason to believe that alien crafts do not exist, because there is no life on other planets to make said spacecraft.