This is not an exercise!

I’m angrier than a person who wants World War III to break out, but has to keep waiting and waiting and…waiting.  But there is good news here.  The nuclear conflict that will end the world as we know it will happen before the November 5th election.  At least, that’s my prediction.

My regular readers know that I’ve been screaming about World War III at the top of my lungs for some time now, and I have a whole category of posts dedicated to it.  Of course, I am not in an expert position to know.  I’ve never served in the Air Force, the branch of the military that will launch the retaliatory strike that will happen when, not if, Russia launches first strike.I’ve been ready for World War III since I was nine.  That was when my stepdad pointed out the horn that was on top of my school.  It went off like clockwork every Saturday at noon in Las Vegas.  At that time, the Cold War was still going on, though it’d end a couple of years later.

He told me that when that alarm went off outside of testing, that the end would be less than thirty minutes away.  He said there was no point in running and that I’d actually want to be outside and vaporized so that I wouldn’t have to suffer like the rest of the world will have to, those who are sans bunkers or silos, and even they aren’t an absolute guarantee of safety.

Even though he was a child-molesting jackass, I agree with his assessment.  I absolutely want to be vaporized.  I, and my fellow vaporizees, will be disappeared into thin air in less than a fraction of a fraction of a second.  Our brains won’t exist long enough to get the signal from the bright light from our eyes to our brains.  And that’s how I want it to be.

Someday, and someday very soon, our military’s decision-makers will be screaming, “this is not an exercise!” The president’s nuclear football will open.  Codes will be given out, codes will be authenticated.  Military jets will scramble.   Keys will be turned, silos will open and our retaliatory strike will go out, striking Russia minutes after their first strike reaches us.

As I wrote not too long ago, there is a list of primary targets.  A lot of the targets are just common sense, and some I  have personal knowledge of, based on non-classified material that I’ve read.  I have no knowledge of classified materials, just so our government knows.  And that’s probably a good thing, because if I knew what our nation’s nuclear decision-makers know, I’d never sleep.

As it happens, right here in Albany, New York, we’re a primary target.  There are several highly desirable targets here in my craptacular city that Russia will want to wipe out in the first round of nukes.  I, and hundreds of thousands of people like me, will be vaporized at any given moment, especially now.

You can bet that Russia’s numerous ICBM’s are pointed at Albany as well as each and every other one of those targets in my previous article and they can be launched in a matter of minutes at Putin’s command.  Putin has made a lot of references to his nation’s nuclear arsenal, and he seems to be quite loose-lipped about Russia’s ability to strike at a moment’s notice.

The signs are there.  Russia has vowed direct retaliation against us for comforting and aiding Ukraine.  While I think we’re doing the right thing there, I also think that we’re going to pay dearly for it.  Things are slowly starting to escalate, and that’s just from what the public knows.

The people who hold the necessary security clearances and the required need-to-know and authority know a lot more than we do, and I’m willing to bet that things are slowly getting worse, and we as the general public will know nothing about it until it’s too late to get to a bunker or a silo.

I truly believe that Putin will authorize a first strike against us with no signs and no warnings.  But how will that happen?  Our government wants the world to know how they’d retaliate, and there are tons of videos on YouTube that our government has made or has allowed to be made.  So we know that a series of codes and key turns will send our nukes out.

But what about Russia?  The Cheget will come into play.  That’s their version of our president’s nuclear football.  Russia, too, has a series of authentication codes necessary to launch against us.  Just as with us, Russia’s president makes the decision to launch.

They have systems and backup systems to carry out the attack. As for how long it will take from decision to launch, that’s anyone’s guess, but one source puts the time at ten minutes, so from decision to us receiving the nukes, forty minutes will have passed.

That means our country will have thirty minutes, but much of that time will be eaten up by the president’s decision and the time it takes to send alerts to the silos and other necessary personnel and the time it takes to authenticate codes, go through a checklist, turn the keys and start pushing lit-up buttons that will physically launch our nukes.  That whole process takes about ten minutes, based on the numerous videos on the topic.

It’ll also take a few minutes for the government to activate and use the Emergency Alert System’s EAN, the Emergency Activation Notification, a code event that will only activate for nuclear war and a code that will essentially seize control of our nation’s television and radio stations.  That’s if the nationwide EAS even works.

Every time they conduct an NPT (National Periodic Test), something always gets screwed up, so, sorry America, we can’t count on the EAS.  But if it does work, there won’t be much time to react.  By the time the signal gets to us, we’ll have about ten minutes, if that, to do something about it.  So don’t get too comfortable.  The EAS, on a nationwide scale, has proven unreliable and faulty.  It’s another way the government is lying to us, or at the very least is lulling the stupid into a false sense of security.

Bunkers and silos are cute, and they may very well protect people, unless Russia has the coordinates (and they do) and launches directly above them, but what kind of world will those people climb back into?

But to get back to the point, we all know that the military, especially the Air Force, conducts regular drills so that when that great and terrible day comes, they will in theory be ready to retaliate and they might be trained in a first strike, even though our nation will likely never launch such an attack.

But is our military really ready?  Drilling is one thing, but will everything work as it should when Russia nukes us?  Will our spy satellites detect the launch and notify NORAD and whomever else gets notified?  Will the president truly be informed in time to make a snap decision as to how to retaliate?  And will we get our nukes in the air in time?  Taking into account all the codes, authentications and fail-safe steps, we might not be able to hit back.

And let’s not forget the fact that we’re sitting ducks.  Our military is not as prepared as they want us to think.  They can do nothing to defend us against an attack, if such a thing strikes without any form of a warning.  If Russia launches without warning, and I truly believe that they will, that’s it.  No one can stop it.  Not the Air Force, not anybody.

The most likely scenario is that Russia will attack like a thief in the night, which is what they want.  They want to decapitate us before we can strike.  The only way to come close to guaranteeing to that is to first launch.

Assuming that our systems work the way that they’re supposed to and the entities who need to be notified get that warning, it will still take up to fifteen minutes for the general public to be notified.  At that point, it will be sheer panic, and no one’s going anywhere.  Again, by the time we get the EAS alert, assuming that nothing fails (and it will), there won’t be much time to do anything but go outside and hope for vaporization.

The roads will be clogged, there will be nowhere to go to.  It’s over.  Let go.  Let it happen.  Make no mistake: we won’t have much time to attack when a launch actually happens.  And that’s what Russia’s banking on.  And let’s not kid ourselves: they are capable of knocking our our early warning systems.  And they will do it.

Now, if things escalate from a ground conflict overseas to nuclear war over a matter of a few hours, then yes, our president will be able to address the nation and, the story goes, people will have enough time to hide, and yes, we’ll be prepared to strike if there’s just cause.

Based on Russia’s most recent threats, they could feel threatened and they could strike even harder against Ukraine.  We’ll jump in, as is our wont, and there’s their justification for pressing those buttons, turning those keys or whatever they do.  And that’s not even accounting for our NATO allies, who will be forced into conflict thanks to Article Five.  That’s how all of this will become a world war.

But will all of that happen?  We as ordinary citizens will likely never know.  But I’ll tell you one thing: as bad as things are based on what we know, it’s probably a hundred times worse to the people who know the things we’ll never know.  And those secrets must be kept.  Having served briefly in the military, I know about OPSEC and I know that, as a matter of national security, we can’t know everything.  And that’s just how our government wants it.

Don’t trust our government.  We’re being lied to, or at the very least our government is not being frank about the impending doom that will be World War III.  Our government is not properly preparing us.  Their laissez-faire attitude will be our doom.

What I do know is this: one day, and that day is coming sooner rather than later, perhaps before Election Day, the words, “this is not an exercise!” will go out and all hell will break loose.  The lucky ones will be vaporized.  I hope to count myself as one of those lucky sitting ducks.