Well, that can’t be good

I’m angrier than an American who sees that, almost on a daily basis, PFN Joe Biden is seemingly intentionally forcing us into World War III, a topic that I‘ve discussed quite a bit lately.  Well, now the stuff’s hitting the fan, and it won’t bode well for the United States, which is a sitting duck at the hands of Putin, who seems to think nothing of ordering Russian forces to launch the nukes in our direction.

The latest problem is this: Russia has come forward and publicly stated that the United States bears responsibility for an attack by Ukraine against Crimea.  Why would they blame us if it was Ukraine that launched the attack?  The Russians are blaming not only us, but Kyiv as well.

The death toll sits at four and over 120 others were injured.  Ukraine launched a missile attack against people who, according to the ministry of defense, were “peaceful residents.”

We’re being blamed because we apparently provided that missile to Ukraine and they decided to use it, it seems, on civilians as opposed to strategic military targets.  That was a poor decision and we may very well pay the price for it.

Given that innocent civilians died, Putin might very well want revenge.  It seems that, one way or another, he’s going to get that revenge.  But how will said revenge come?  Will Russia merely fight fire with fire on Ukraine or are they going to retaliate against us as well?

I’m sure that I don’t need to remind you that Russia, at this very moment, has numerous ICBM’s pointed at us.  They’re aimed at our own strategic military installations, including the silos in states that our government has set aside as sacrifices, that house the ICBM’s that we will use to retaliate should Russia launches those nukes that will reach us in less than thirty minutes.

Russia has also aimed nukes at our major population centers, obviously, as well as other targets.  Below are just a few ideas as to where these missiles are pointed.  These missiles could be launched at any moment if Russia feels threatened, and if Ukraine has used our weapons to bomb Russian cities, they have just cause to feel threatened.  Some of the targets are common sense and a few might not be so obvious.

  • Colorado- Home to nuclear silos
  • Montana- Home to nuclear silos
  • North Dakota- Home to nuclear silos
  • Nebraska- Home to nuclear silos
  • Wyoming- Home to nuclear silos
  • NYC- Population center, home to the world’s mightiest financial system
  • Los Angeles- Population center, entertainment center
  • Las Vegas- Population center, Hoover Dam, Area 51
  • Washington, DC- Home to our government
  • Albany, New York- Knolls Atomic Lab, Watervliet Arsenal, Herriman Campus, Stratton Air National Guard
  • Rome, New York- NEADS
  • Utica, New York
  • Schenectady, New York

Of course, these are but a few.  If Russia is smart, they’ll nuke the above cities and then launch in a grid format across the continental US.  Such an approach would nuke most of the country in a matter of an hour.  And let’s not forget that Russia would want to take out Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam.

They would want to wipe out the entire nation, not just a few cities here and there.  And if they don’t want to, then they’re idiots.  It will be so easy to wipe us out, and if they’re smart, they’ll do everything they can do evade our spy satellites, taking away what little advance notice we’d get.

Don’t be naive: we’re not as ready to retaliate as our government says we are.  Given all the steps necessary, we’ll probably be wiped out before our nukes leave the silos.  We might be powerful enough to effect a decent first strike, but it’s highly unlikely we’d have just cause to launch such an attack.

We have to wait to be launched upon, and it’ll likely happen without warning, meaning that bunkers are all well and good, but there won’t be enough time to get to them.  On the other hand, maybe people who own bunkers are taking all of this as a sign and are already in their bunkers.

Indeed, Russia would absolutely want to launch ICBM’s towards those private “condo” type bunkers that are up for private sale.  The coordinates are known by Russia.  You can count on that.  Wipe those out with a powerful enough ICBM, and you wipe out the high-and-mighty who think they’re entitled to survive.

Those silos and bunkers won’t protect people as well as some people think they can.  They should prepare to die just like the rest of us.  Hey, fair’s fair.

All of that would wipe us out and we would be powerless to do anything other than maybe launch a retaliatory strike just before we’re wiped out.

We don’t want to provoke Russia.  Then again, they don’t want to provoke us.  That’s probably why Putin hasn’t launched a retaliatory strike against us, at least as of the time this article was written. But you can bet Putin and his people are planning some sort of a response.

If Russia is blaming us for this latest attack, then it’s not out of bounds to expect some sort of retaliation, and Putin may very well send thank you cards our way.