Music Video Pick of The Week: Kings, Dante

I’m angrier than a camel whose humps are bone dry because it took a lot of research to find the music video for this week’s music video pick.

Today, I am recommending the song Kings, by DJ Dante Krysto.  The song was released in the US in 1991 by legendary dance music record label Radikal Records.  I am very well aware of this label because of my founding and running an internet-based US fan club for the highly successful eurodance group 2 Unlimited from 1992 to 1996.

Here is the official music video that uses the Krishna edit.  Like many music videos of the era, the video seems to be low-budget.  Simple, yet effective and entertaining.

There is a great vibe associated with this video and it was very well-received when it was originally released.  Due to licensing issues, Radikal has long ago removed this song from its catalog, but you can easily find the vinyl version on eBay.  Radikal, like many of its releases, worked in associated with Hot Productions, also a legendary dance music label that was very successful.  Hot Productions is long since dead and buried, but its music lives on on YouTube and eBay.

According to Discogs, Dante wrote and mixed the song, but information on who directed the video remains elusive.

It’s a shame that not many people have seen the video.  As of the time that this article was written, over the course of 17 years, around 3,600 people have viewed it on YouTube. Hopefully, that will change once people find and read this article.

This is such a simple video, but it’s highly infectious and enjoyable.  I highly suggest that you watch it and then find and purchase the vinyl.  You won’t be disappointed.