A deadly sponge

I’m angrier than a patriot who likes seeing fellow and deserving Americans wiped off the face of the map in a nuclear war over this next story, because I didn’t know about it sooner.  We all know that World War III is coming, and likely before the November election.

But will those of us in big cities have to worry about being hit by Russia, China or North Korea?  Or all three of them at once?  Maybe, maybe not.  But did you know that many Americans have, by our own government, been deemed worthy of being nuked?  If you live in one of five states, you might just find yourselves to be the first to be vaporized.If you live in any of the following states, you might not be as safe from nuclear war as you thought.  And that makes me have a laugh at your expense!  It’s called the “nuclear sponge.”  You can also watch this video from The Infographics Show.

  • Colorado
  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • Wyoming

Did you ever wonder why so many of our nuclear silos are in those states?  That’s because, back in the Cold War era, our government wanted to have the aggressor be more interested in wiping out silos in sparsely populated areas than they would be in hitting, say, New York City or Los Angeles.  To be fair, Russia has enough nukes to hit the sponge and the cities, but let’s just focus on the sponge.

The people of these states are considered by their own government to be expendable, especially since the sponge still exists and is still being invested in.  That means, even though it’s from the Cold War, the plan is still in effect.  The government is planning on the missiles in these silos being destroyed.  That’s what they were budgeted for.

After all, we have plenty more stored in other areas.  So if you live in any of the above-named states, just know that your own government thinks your lives are less important than the lives of the rest of us.  And you know what?  I agree with the nuclear sponge theory plan.  Better people in those states than the rest of us, right?

The people in the affected states shouldn’t worry too much.  Much of the economy in those states is supported by government and military contractors in the form of job security.  So, yes, the people who work for the government to keep the, shall we say, decoy missiles, safe are the ones who will be first harmed by their own work.  The irony is laughable!

When World War III arrives at our doorsteps, it will first knock on the doors of the states that the government designated as being worth less than the rest of the country.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to see it unfold on live television.

Yes, in time, the rest of the country will be nuked, but we can count on those five states serve as the warning signal for people who have at their disposal bunkers or other hidey holes to get there and get there fast.

Whomever designated those states as sacrificial lambs: thank you, and thank you for not making the rest of us as vulnerable as those unlucky states!