Not only COULD it but it WILL happen!

I’m angrier than a bunghole without TP over the fact that, for most people, our lives will end in 2024, probably  before we even have a chance to make official what we all know: a Trump win.  Now why would I write such a thing?  Because World War III is upon us.

Every day, there are escalations.  Russian ships are playing chicken with our ships off of Florida.  Putin is making threats almost every week.  He told one reporter that Russia stands ready for nuclear war.  Many European countries are preparing for the third and last world war.We’re sort of prepared.  Maybe.  The nuclear football is always at the president’s hand.  Will he need it in 2024?  I’ve been doing a lot of research on the topic of World War III, and based on the tensions between us and enemy countries such as Russia, China and North Korea, I have to say that nuclear war will break out before November 5th.

If you want an idea of how bad things can get, read this article from a little while ago.  You can also watch this short feature from the 1980’s, during the Cold War.

While many people will be able to cower in underground bunkers for days, weeks and maybe even a year, most people will be left to be vaporized or die slow, agonizing deaths courtesy radiation.  Believe me, even if you will have access to a bunker, you’ll want to die by vaporization.  Just know this: just because you survive the blast, either underground or otherwise is no guarantee of safety.

Your eyes won’t even be able to send the signal from the explosion to your brain.  Your death will come in a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a second.  No pain,  no fuss, no muss.

Those who have bunkers will gloat and say they’ll be safe and they’ll laugh at those of us who stay on the surface.  They’ll survive the entire war, they’ll boast.  That’s probably true, but what kind of world will greet them when they, at some point, come out of their precious hidey holes?

Sooner or later, their food and water reserves will be gone.  Disease will run rampant down there because of sewage issues.  None of this will be pretty, folks.  A bunker can save you from the initial blast and even radiation to some degree.  You can remain down there at least until the radiation levels drop to what’s tolerable for human life.  That will take weeks.

So what awaits the bunker folk once they slither up into the world?

  • Clean water?  Gone.  It will be diseased and rife with radiation.
  • Clean, safe air?  Gone.  Nuclear winter will eliminate the sort of air we need to survive.
  • Food?  For many, gone.  For others, it will be kill or be killed to get even a morsel of bread.
  • Money and the banking systems?  Forever gone.
  • Electronics and the internet?  Absolutely gone.
  • Communications?  Gone, no matter what the ham radio operators will tell you.  Ham radio operators can be heroes during a natural disaster, yes, but will they stand ready after the missiles explode?  Nope.  They’ll probably be too dead to help.
  • Reproduction?  Biologically possible, it will result in mutant human beings and the plan for re-population will fail.  Sooner or later, whether it be days, weeks, months or years, humanity will become extinct.

When you come out, the stone age will be there to greet you.  So again, you might want to consider hoping for vaporization, because there will be no law, order or humanity left.  Everyone will be killing or being killed.

“The missiles are combat ready,” Putin said.  So are ours.  That’s why the nuclear football is always with the president.  That’s why there are Air Force officers guarding the silos every hour of every day, ready to launch within five minutes of getting an order from the president.  From first detection to launch takes about ten minutes because of all the steps and fail safes, so our president and military will have to move and move fast so that we can retaliate before we’re wiped off the map.

What World War III is going to come down to in the literal end is this: the USA vs. Russia.   We’ll get involved because Russia, assuming that it really is ready, will first launch against another country and we’ll likely do what we’ve always done and take it upon ourselves to put ourselves at risk just to save a country that can never pay us back.

What we should do is hang back and let that country fend for itself, hoping and praying that Russia will nuke someone else and not us.  Of course, with nuclear winter, we’re screwed no matter what.  Yes, Russia will first strike us and we’ll retaliate.  World War III will be official.

And it’ll all be over in an hour. Less, probably. And that’s if Russia does the smart thing and nukes our sensitive military installations.  We’ll retaliate, but we’ll run out of ammo.  If Russia does the intelligent thing, we’ll only be able to retaliate once.

Anyone who’s alive and not in a bunker or is otherwise lucky will die slowly, over hours and probably even days.  Their deaths will not be pleasant.  It will be a gruesome, horrible death.  Is it really such a good thing to want to continue to exist in such a place?  As for me and my house, no.

You, of course, can decide whether you want to save yourself just to see nuclear winter, a winter that will kill pretty much everyone on earth sooner or later, bunker or not.

With Russia escalating things on an almost daily basis, of course World War III is going to come about.  The most likely scenario is that Russia will nuke Ukraine and then other countries, including us, will retaliate and the final showdown will be between Russia and us.  Our nukes will reach others’ countries within minutes of each other, and that will be that.

This isn’t something that may happen some time in the future.  It will happen and I firmly believe that we won’t make it to Election Day, let alone 2025.

So enjoy your precious 2024.  Just know that our time is almost up, and as Catholics, we need to take care of our business now so that we have a clean moral slate when the ICBM’s hit us.  Go to Confession.  Pray.  Prepare.  As for the Protestants and the Jews, I really don’t care.  Let them figure it out for themselves.

The good news about World War III is that there won’t be a World War IV.  So there’s that.