See? Here Comes WWIII!

I’m angrier than an American who knows that Russia will nuke us off the map before the November 5 election.  After all, we’re getting closer to conscription in the USA.  And we’re possibly coming even closer.  On Friday, Sweden scrambled their fighter jets because Russia (big surprise!) flew into their territory.

Sweden recently joined NATO, so, under Article Five, we are obligated to come to their defense if the Russia-Sweden situation turns into a pissing match.  But by the same token, if Russia toys with us, then Sweden and all of the other nations will join up, because an attack on one is an attack on all of us.This is the reality that we’re living in, folks.  Even if Russia doesn’t nuke us directly at first, we’ll jump in and get nuked as a result.

So what do we make of Russia’s potential attack on Sweden?  Is this going to turn into something bigger or is Russia just playing chicken?  Unfortunately, we have nothing to do except sit back and wait, but I’m sure that our military is on alert.

It seems as though Putin really doesn’t want a nuclear war.  He just wants to dick with NATO.  That’s a bad idea on his part.  One miscalculation on his part, and his country (and ours!) could be lit up like a Christmas tree.  We’re getting closer to World War III with every passing hour.  Don’t for a minute forget that.

Remember, Russia’s missiles can reach us in about thirty minutes, or our pizza’s free.  We can reach them in that amount of time as well.  This means that the world can end in less than an hour.

Sweet dreams!