Another scumbag bites the dust

I’m angrier than a MAGA Republican who’s tired of seeing it take so long to execute a criminal.  Twenty years on death row, living lifestyle free of charge?  It’s like a paid vacation in there.  So, yeah, I’m angry, but at the same time I’m very happy, because tonight, Missouri inmate David Hosier caught the needle.  Took ’em long enough!

The process started at about 6:01 p.m. local time.  He was pronounced dead at 6:11.  He was executed for murdering two innocent people way back in 2009.  See what I mean about a fancy, obligation-free paradise of a vacation?  He killed two people and he gets everything handed to him: food, health care, a place to lay his murderous head, the list goes on and on.

It should be enough to make anyone with a conscience sick!  They should just make executions done solely by a firing squad.  Immediately upon being sentenced, take the animal out back, tie him to a post, forget about blindfolding him and take care of business rather than rewarding him for twenty years.

There were no hiccups involved here.  Whereas most murderous scumbags try to file every last-minute motion that their slimeball attorneys can think of to tap dance out of accountability, this execution was free of drama and delays, which means vindication for the families of the victims.  I’ll hand it to Hosier: he’s a monster, but at least he took his medicine like a baby, albeit only when he saw he had no shot at a successful appeal.

In addition to being a monster, he’s a self-admitted adulterer, having a relationship with a married woman.  When he didn’t get his way, he murdered her, and just to satisfy his own bloodlust, he killed her husband as well, because the woman cut things off with Hosier and went back to a husband who died because he forgave her when she did the indefensible.  I think adultery in all its forms should be a death penalty crime, so Hosier is really getting what he deserves!

What’s disturbing in this case is that Hosier repeatedly refused to apologize for what a jury says he did.  Rather, he continued to proclaim his innocence, which is the hallmark of a sociopath.  He even had the nerve to blame his attorney for supposedly missing a filing deadline.

No accountability, just blame, blame, blame.  If the attorney did miss it, I’m thinking he did us all a grand service.  He tried to justify his actions by saying he’s from the country, so therefore it’s okay to murder people.  Typical scumbag behavior.

Another thing that’s absolutely appalling is that some conventional media outlets are reporting that Hosier’s a veteran.  So?  Veterans are allowed to commit murders now?  If he is a veteran, then he served our country and he would normally be deserving of our respect.  But any good that he did in life is wiped out by not just one, but two senseless and appallingly evil murders.

If I’m being honest here, I don’t care if he did or didn’t do it.  I’m hearing a lot of last-minute armchair quarterbacks saying he’s not guilty, despite his fair trial and despite being convicted by a jury of his peers.

Look, I’m perfectly okay with putting the needle in the arm of someone who didn’t do it, because in our justice system, the jury has the final say (or a judge in a bench trial.).  Once that guilty verdict comes down, that should, without exception, be the end of it.  But some death row inmates will stoop real low to escape the needle, won’t they?

His jury had the final say and they said he was guilty.  That’s the law of the land.  That’s why he was convicted.  That’s why he was handed the death penalty.  And that’s why he finally died tonight.  Did he do it?  Probably, but possibly not.  The Missouri Supreme Court upheld the verdict and death penalty decision, so now it really doesn’t matter if he actually did it or not (and there is ample evidence that he did!).  Let God figure it out, I say.

People who stick up for him blamed his mental illness and other factors of his pathetic more than 68 years of life.  If he was competent enough to kill people, he doesn’t get to play the mental illness card.  That’s spitting in the faces of his victims’ families.  It seems to me that he took every opportunity to try and see if he could get cut loose.

As for the people who have stood by and up for him, they condone what he did.  There’s no explanation.  And that, in my opinion, makes them absolute monsters who deserve to feel the pain that Hosier apparently caused his victims and their families.

Missouri’s governor, who rejected a hail Mary clemency request yesterday, painted Hosier as a scumbag who didn’t take responsibility for his actions.  He went on to say that Hosier, “earned [the] maximum punishment under the law.”  Indeed he did.  Monsters like Hosier don’t feel remorse, so it’s no surprise that Hosier didn’t man up and admit to what he did do.  Or didn’t do.  I don’t care.

I had the option of posting his late statement as it was released to the media earlier than usual.  But that would be humanizing him and he doesn’t deserve the title “human.”

I run a blog here, and if you want unbiased, un-opinionated reporting, then you, buddy, are in the wrong place.  I am biased, opinionated and unwilling to tell both sides of a story when necessary.  And that’s necessary here.

I only wish I could have been a witness.  I would love to a monster writhe and suffer on the execution table.  I would love to watch a botched execution for to see the person suffer as they never suffered before.   Today, justice was served.  It is quite possible that he really didn’t do it, but again, a jury spoke, so as a matter of law, he did do it.

Today, justice was satisfied.  If only they televised executions.