That’s what you get, freak!

I’m angrier than a Christian who has to tolerate the LGBTQ-whatever else crowd, even though those people are leading a life of sin.  It’s absolutely disgusting!  But here’s the thing: sometimes, people get what they deserve, and that’s what happened in this tale.

Cobalt Sovereign, 17, claims that “she” was assaulted when she used the men’s bathroom at a Minnesota public high school.  Well, maybe IT (that’s far more accurate!) should have used the proper bathroom, hey?

Sovereign was allegedly busted in the jaw, breaking it and she had to go to the hospital over it all.  Now, I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to feel sorry for it, but I don’t.  It should have used the proper bathroom.

The student who allegedly struck it and called it a “faggot,” is, in my opinion, an American hero.  And what does that student get?  A suspension and possible criminal charges, just for doing the right thing!

People should use the proper bathroom.  I was born a male and I remain a male.  Therefore, I use the men’s bathroom.  That shouldn’t be too hard to understand.  Someone who was born a female but identifies as (pretends to be) a male should use the ladies’ bathroom, right?  Of course I’m right!

This student chose to believe that the rules don’t apply to it and look what happened.  Hopefully, it learned a lesson.