Sara Milliken: Ugly heifer

I’m angrier than a hot dog in a microwave over this.  A beauty pageant is supposed to be about beauty, right?  Well, apparently, they didn’t get the memo in Alabama.  That’s because Sara Milliken, 23, scored the top prize in the National American Miss contest.

Here’s the problem: she weighs over 400 pounds and has four chins.  How a fat person could win any prize in a beauty pageant is beyond me.  When people clapped back at such a disgusting thing, she was left to whine that she was being cyberbullied.

The truth is never bullying.  She just can’t handle the consequences of her life choices.  She chose to eat and eat and as a consequence, of course she got fat.  She probably doesn’t have a boyfriend, or if she did, she possibly rolled over on top of him and killed him.  She’s so fat you’d have to roll her around in flour just to find her wet spot.

She’s fat.  We know it.  She knows it.  What did she think would happen?  Surely she knew that she repulses people and that she’s so fugly that she shouldn’t have won anything.  Whomever made the decision to hand the win to her is probably blind.  Or maybe she rolled over on top of him too.

As an example of how inconsequential she is, she doesn’t even have her own Wikipedia page.  To be fair, I don’t either, but I didn’t make an ass out of myself by entering a beauty pageant when I’m admittedly not pageant material.

It’s too bad that she chose to repulse a nation.  If she’s reading this, she should lose weight.  Now.