Oh, bloody hell!

I’m angrier than a guy whose cat knocked everything off the desk.  Why?  Because a recent report, published in USA Today that says that New York state is one of the states that is most welcoming to homosexual and transgender people.  That should be enough to make anyone sick!

New York is actually one of the states that’s more welcoming to these sorts of people.  Among the many consequences of their sick lifestyle is a high suicide rate, intimidation, harassment and violence, according to the report.  Yeah, well, cry me a river.

New York scored 94% in the report.  What a shame.  What a travesty.  I mean, it’s just appalling.  The United States was founded on basic religious and moral values.  Homosexuality and transgenderism are not values.  They are sins and the people who engage in this sort of conduct either don’t know or don’t care.

It used to be one would introduce their wife or husband, who was living the gender that they were born into.  Now it’s all about “partners.”  That’s disgusting right there.  I’m tired of these people prancing around with their rainbow flags and what not.  It’s beyond disgusting!

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it.  Those people have rights after all, even though they shouldn’t have any rights whatsoever!  We just have to sit back and take it.  That’s another reason why our flag is upside down right now.