Methodists decide to quit

I’m angrier than a true Christian who sees how some churches are embracing sick sins such as homosexuality and transgenderism.  The United Methodist Church has lost more than one million members, seemingly overnight.  Why would that happen?

We’re talking about a “religion” that, early May, made gay clergy, legal gay marriages and same-sex marriage.  Any true Christian knows that that can’t stand.  Any church that embraces or in any way condones those things is not a church at all!  Yet the Methodists decided to take it upon themselves to go against God’s teachings.

A church that stands tall in the face of evils such as homosexuality and gay marriage is a true church that defends God teachings.  Churches that spit in the face of God are just plain evil.

What ended up happening is that a division of the UMC left, taking its more than one million members with it.  They stood tall in the face of pure evil.  Of course women can’t be priests, pastors, etc.  Of course Christians cannot condone homosexual and transgender sins.

If you encounter a church that teaches homosexuality and its companion sins are honorable, run.  Run far, run fast.  The Catholic Church doesn’t consider homosexuality to be okay, and it’s the oldest religion in the history of this planet.  So, other churches should follow suit.

I’m sure glad that I was never a Methodist.