Will justice really happen?

I’m angrier than a new parent who just discovered his child has Down Syndrome over a continuing story here in Albany.  An innocent person was almost killed by one of the many illegal ATV operators who terrorize our streets and threaten our safety.

One college student, Alexa Kropf, 18, almost paid the ultimate price for the actions of one scumbag known as Austin Breyette, 25.  He, in my opinion, intentionally and maliciously plowed into Kropf and then sped off, hoping to escape accountability.  It didn’t work.  He was soon caught and now he faces even more charges than he initially did.

He really should be locked up right now, but apparently, he’s out and free to, maybe this time, actually murder someone.  Instead of stepping up and holding himself accountable, he allegedly hid his bike and got rid of evidence.  This, to me, says he knows he did it and he’s too much of a coward to do the right thing and plea guilty.  Only a coward pleas not guilty.

You know what I wish upon him?  I hope that either he or someone he loves, if his cold heart allows him to love, gets plowed into by an ATV operator.  That would be true justice.  Instead, he’ll probably get a sweetheart deal and will never see an hour behind bars.

We’ll see what happens, but I have a strong feeling that the district attorney’s office won’t do the right thing and reject any form of a plea deal, making him pay dearly.