Is it greed?

I’m angrier than a cat who forgot how to bunt over this next story.  That’s because greed always enrages me.  And so it is with this next story.

The Uvalde parents have been all over the news lately, mostly because their affinity for lawsuits are apparently newsworthy.  After winning a major lawsuit in which they won $2 million from the city, the parents aren’t done with what I feel is greed.  No, they’re back for more!

Now they’re after money from law enforcement agencies and 92 individual police officers.  Their claim is that none of the accused followed proper procedure.  Look, no matter what, the kids were going to die, so a lawsuit, in my opinion, is about naught but greed.

That’s not the only money grab that they’re trying to make.  They’re also suing Activision and Daniel Defense for, according their lawsuit, promoting the type of gun that the shooter used two years ago.  They claim that the promotional efforts targeted underage boys.

I mean, seriously.  This happened two years ago.  Why file the lawsuits now?  Why pursue lawsuits in the first place?  Good, undeniable greed, as far as I see it.  These are people who seriously need to get over it and move on with their pathetic, greedy lives.

There’s a reason why I never felt for the parents, and this is it.  A lawsuit is always about money, money, money.  These parents seem to think that they’re entitled to a magical payday.  They’re not entitled to a damn thing.  Not at all.  I don’t care if the cops failed at their duties.  They had a right to protect themselves.

Anyway, stories like this really do piss me off, because the lawsuits don’t seem to be about making things better.  They’re designed, I feel, to do nothing but generate money for the parents.  No amount of money will bring their kids back, so maybe they should just shut up and move on!