Laying the smack down

I’m angrier than a gamer with high ping time over this story.  I’m angry because I didn’t get to witness what happened.  Things here in Albany, New York get real sometimes and that’s what happened here.

Apparently, there was an intense dispute between two men in regards to, of all petty things, a freaking parking space.  One of the men allegedly exited his vehicle and punched the victim, an elderly man.  It happened around Delaware Avenue and Stanwix Street.

Police were summoned to the scene and that’s where they found the older man with facial injuries.  Arrested was one Darryl Baker, 40.

The elderly man was treated at the local VA hospital.  I won’t call him a “victim,” because all he had to do was fight back instead of just standing there, taking it.  Because that apparently didn’t happen, I feel no sympathy for the old man.  I sympathize with Baker, because now he’s going to go through the system and all  because of a tiny dispute!

There are plenty of parking spaces in Albany, and we don’t know what actually triggered the dispute, so I’m going to give Baker the benefit of the doubt and say that the older man likely stole Baker’s spot.  If that’s what happened, then the so-called “victim” should just walk away and not press charges.

Maybe actually punching the guy was a little much, but sometimes tempers flare and I’m going to go ahead and allege that Baker was provoked into the attack.  Hopefully, the charges will be dismissed and Baker will walk away unscathed.  Shame on the APD for arresting him!