Well, hell, he’s an idiot!

I’m angrier than a farmer whose cows managed to escape over the fact that anyone as stupid as Christopher Ahn really exists.  Why is Ahl, an American war veteran, such an idiot, you ask?  Well, he put his own life on the line to help North Koreans defect, and it seems as if all that’s about to catch up to him and bite him in the ass.

It all started when supposed kidnappers overtook North Korea’s Spain embassy back in 2019.  Ahl told CBS News that embassy staffers asked for his help.  They wanted to defect, apparently, but that’s easier said than done when dealing with a dictatorship such as North Korea.

As every adult knows with actions come consequences, and Ahl apparently did not get that particular memo.  As one might expect, the police became involved.  Somehow, Ahl managed to sneak back to the United States.

The FBI got involved because Ahl managed to become a North Korean target.  Gee, I can’t possibly imagine why!  This is what happens when you stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.  He certainly had no business helping North Koreans defect.  Does he have a death wish?

Ahl is a Marine and is a war veteran.  For that, he is to be commended, but there is no excuse for what he proudly admits that he did.  Ahl whined to CBS that the only safe place for him in the world is the United States.  Well, whose fault is that?  He did this to himself.

This jackass found himself in the custody of the US Marshals and he spent a miserable 87 days in jail, and he deserved every last one of those days.  Ahl has international warrants from Spain on his head.  It looks like one fine day, he’ll finally answer for breaking and entering, illegal restraint and other charges.  Surely he thought this through before he did it, right?  Right?

Was it all worth it, I wonder?  I know that I wouldn’t risk one minute in jail for someone else.  I’m not rescuing or helping anyone ever and certainly not when it means potential harm or death for me.  Ahl decided to be stupid and hopefully he will pay dearly for the choices that he made.

Ahl is out on bail.  He should have never gotten bail, but some dumbass judge let him go free.  He’s wearing an ankle bracelet now.  To hear CBS News tell it, Ahl will soon find himself extradited back to Spain and hopefully he’ll be made an example of when he gets there.

Honestly, Ahl will one day answer for what he did.  If North Korea really wants him that badly, they will find a way to make it happen and there’s nothing that Ahl can do to stop himself from facing the music.  I look forward to reading that news story!