Well, now.

 I’m angrier than a drunk person whose Uber ride took longer to get to him than the app said it would over this one.  I never thought I’d live to see the day when I’d say a Catholic priest would anger me, but here we are.  Father Tomas McHale, a priest at Our Blessed Lady Immaculate in England, told shocked parishioners that our Lord and Savior had a hard-on when he was hung to die on the cross.  Wow.

Despite copious amounts of complaints, McHale, who is an American, continues to be a priest.  I’d really like to know how he knows for a fact that Jesus had an erection, and I’d also like to know why that would even cross his mind let alone come out of his mouth.

It is possible, however, that He did have an erection.  He was hung on a cross and blood flow would become an issue.  With that in mind, maybe blood did flow down to his penis and maybe he had a human reaction in the form of an erection.  But we don’t know that for sure.  There are no witnesses who reported such a reaction.

McHale is a priest and has very high standards to live up to.  What possessed him to come up this idea, let alone say it out loud, I don’t know.