What entitled jerks!

I’m angrier than a fly without poop over this story.  It seems that there are some entitled high school students who were warned months ago that they needed tickets to attend their prom.  At the last minute, some students, like maybe fifteen, tried to scramble and they failed.  They got turned away.

It happened at Midlothian High School in Virginia.  When the entitled, arrogant, snot-nosed punk kids didn’t get their way, they whined to the media, hoping to shame the school into giving them special treatment.

The good news is that the high school stood tall.  These students, in my opinion, want special treatment because they couldn’t follow the rules.  You can’t reward someone for behavior like that, so turning them away was the right call.

After reading the article, it seems to me that the fault rests squarely on the shoulders of the students and the parents.  They didn’t pay attention and they didn’t play by the rules.

The moral of the story?  Just like a boy scout, be prepared.