How did it happen in the first place?

I’m angrier than a cat that lost its ball of yarn over this.  It seems that two young girls died in a family’s swimming pool in Phoenix.  So far, law enforcement is calling it an accident, and maybe it was, but based on what the media is reporting, there was no fencing around the pool to prevent children from accessing the pool.

You know what else was missing, based on what I’m reading?  An adult.  No one would dare leave children that age alone, because of this very eventuality.  So where was the father, who in his defense immediately started administering CPR?

I’m not accusing the father, who has not been criminally charged, of being negligent, but I do have some questions here.  Where was he or another adult?  Why were girls that young allowed to use the pool with no one around?

Of course, the father has to live with the fact that his two baby girls are forever gone because they were alone.  He’s going to have to be alone with his conscience over this.

Now, I’m not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I do know better than to leave a child unsupervised in a pool, even a wading pool.  I’ve babysat before and I also had a daughter to watch.  In neither case did I leave them alone, not even when my phone rang and I couldn’t just leave kid alone like that.

Do you know how many kids died under my care and control?  None.  Not even one.    This guy?  According to the media, he has two dead girls who are, in my opinion, his victims.  If something like that happened to children I was caring for, I’d feel like a monster.  Is this guy a monster?  Only he and law enforcement know the answer to that question.