Anger in Vegas

I’m angrier than a one-legged man in a relay race over this next story folks.  In fact, it infuriates me so much that I wasted my time grabbing a Coke out of the fridge.  I can’t even open it.  That’s how angry I am.

I grew up in Las Vegas as a Mormon, and I was there when the church dedicated and opened what was then the only temple in the massive city that was actually founded by Mormons.  I’m angry on behalf of the residents who are dealing with the possibility that they’ll have the church’s second Vegas temple in their backyards.

If built, the massive temple would stand 216 feet high and as such, it would tower over the reticent neighborhood.  They’re pushing back, of course, making it clear that their problem isn’t with the 17-million-member church.  Their anger comes as a result of the fact that the temple would sit on a 87,000 square foot lot in their neighborhood and they’re upset by the problems that will cause for them.

In the Lone Mountain neighborhood, the buildings are nowhere near as high as the proposed temple and some are concerned that a building as tall as the Mormons want will ruin the aesthetics.  One neighbor is irate over the fact that the temple will be lit up at all times.

It seems that the neighborhood has construction requirements.  Buildings in the neighborhood are meant to be no taller than 35 feet according to one law.  Obviously, the temple would exceed that limit mightily.  However, the church points out that the law does not address religious buildings and therefore they’d be exempt.

I know that if such a building were proposed in a neighborhood such as that, I’d be up in arms and I’d be fighting tooth and nail to swat the temple down.  I mean, these people will have to deal with increased traffic and noise. That, they say, is their problem, not the religion itself.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, but if the past is any indication, the church will get its way.